VH-EAG [#2] Southern Preservation


Type: C-121C (L-1049F-55-96) Super Constellation
MSN: 4176
Previous Identities: 54-0157 (USAF)
N4115Q (for first post-restoration flight only)
Owner: Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) Albion Park, Wollongong, N.S.W


11JUL55 Delivered to the USAF at Lockheed, Burbank as 54-0157. (Source: 1)
JUL55 Assigned to the 41st Air Transport Squadron (Heavy) of the 1608th Air Transport Wing, Military Air Transport Service (MATS), Charleston AFB, South Carolina. The 41st ATS had transferred from Wiesbaden, Germany to Charlston in April 1954 and was transitioning from the C-54 to the C-121. (Source: 1)
OCT56 Reassigned directly to the 1608th ATW(H) at Charlston AFB. Subsequent deployments included Lajes AB, Azores and Nouasseur AB, Morocco. (Source: 1)
  C-121C operations by the 1608th ATW involved the carriage of passengers, cargo and mail on scheduled flights to destinations including: Rhein-Main, Germany; Chateroux, France; Nouasseur, French Morocco; Tripoli; Dhahran, Saudi Arabia; Lajes, Azores; Torbay, Newfoundland; Goose Bay, Labrador; Kindley AFB, Bermuda; Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico; Howard AFB, Canal Zone; Piarco, Trinidad; Rio de Janiero, Brazil and Ascension Island. From July to December 1960, the wing flew in support of downrange missile tracking for the Air Force Missile Test Center at Cape Canaveral. It should be noted that specific operations by 54-0157 are unknown. (Source: 1)
JUL62 Transferred to the 183rd Aeromedical Airlift Squadron, Mississippi Air National Guard, Hawkins Field, Jackson, Mississippi. The 183rd was the first ANG squadron to operate the C-121C. (Source: 1)
JAN63 The 183rd AAS relocated to the new Jackson Municipal Airport. The squadron also commenced flying general transport missions in addition to its aeromedical tasks. (Source: 1)
JAN64 The 183rd AAS came under the newly activated 172nd Air Transport Group (Heavy) of the Mississippi Air National Guard based at Jackson Municipal Airport and was redesignated as the 183rd Air Transport Squadron (Heavy). Source: 1)
01JAN66 The 172nd ATG (H) was redesignated as a Military Airlift Group and the 183rd ATS (H) was redesignated as a Military Airlift Squadron as part of the activation of Military Airlift Command. (Source: 1)
FEB67 The aircraft was transferred to the 167th Military Airlift Group of the West Virginia Air National Guard at Martinsburg Municipal Airport as the 183rd MAS was converting to the C-124C. (Source: 1)
MAR72 Transferred to the 193rd Tactical Electronic Warfare Group of the Pennsylvania Air National Guard at Harrisburg Municipal Airport, Pennsylvania (the former Olmstead AFB which closed in 1969). The primary mission of the 193rd TEWG was psychological operations in Vietnam using four EC-121S which had been converted from C-121C. However, 54-0157 was not converted and served the squadron in a supporting transport role and on other transport missions assigned by MAC. (Source: 1)
MAY76 Deployed to Torrejon AB, Spain in support of the USAF in Europe 401st Tactical Fighter Wing. This deployment lasted until August 1976. (Source: 1)
APR77 The 193rd TEWG was redesignated a Special Operations Group and converted to the EC-130E Hercules. Constellations assigned to the 193rd TEWG were progressively withdrawn from service and ferried to the Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition Center at Davis Monthan AFB, Arizona from late 1976. (Source: 1)
28MAR77 Arrived at MASDC, Davis Monthan and assigned MASDC Production Control Number AACK0201.
Total Time: 18,452 hours. Last periodic Depot Level Maintenance 05NOV71.
(Source: 2)
DEC91 Inspected at Davis Monthan by HARS. (Source: 3)
22APR92 Departed MASDC under tow for the Pima Air & Space Museum where the restoration by HARS was undertaken. (Source: 2)
APR94 First engine runs. (Source: 3)
JUN94 All engines run. (Source: 3)
23SEP94 First flight from Davis-Monthan to Tucson (as N4115Q) after restoration by HARS. Fitted with tip tanks. (Source: 3)
23SEP94 Registered VH-EAG. (Source: 4)
23JAN96 Departed Tucson for Oakland where it was delayed for one day by a fuel leak. (Source: 3)
25JAN96 Departed Oakland for Honolulu. (Source: 3)
27JAN96 Departed Honolulu for Pago Pago, American Samoa. (Source: 3)
28JAN96 Departed Pago Pago for Nadi, Fiji. (Source: 3)
03FEB96 Departed Nadi for Sydney after a planned layover. The aircraft landed in Sydney at 1145. The aircraft was based initially at Bankstown Airport, Sydney. (Source: 3)
21FEB97 Ownership passed from Museum of Victoria to HARS. (Source: 3)
07NOV02 Flown to the new HARS base at Albion Park, Wollongong. (Source: 3)
26AUG17 Returned to Albion Park after being repainted in Wagga.


Air Force Historical Research Agency via Mark Morgan, Air Mobility Command via Doug Boleyn, March 2016.
309th AMARG Marketing & Public Affairs, MAY07.
Civil Aviation Safety Authority (Australia).



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