Type: RC-121D (L-1049A-55-137) Super Constellation
EC-121H Super Constellation (converted)
MSN: 4350
Previous Identities: 53-535
Owner: Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS)
Albion Park, Wollongong, N.S.W.
(Nose section delivery pending)


Built as L-1049A-55-86 but modified to L-1049A-55-137 before delivery. (Source: 1)
16MAR55 Delivered to USAF as RC-121D 53-535. (Source: 1)
Assigned 552 AEW & CW McClellan AFB. (Source: 1)
Assigned 551 AEW & CW Otis AFB. (Source: 1)
62 Converted to EC-121H. (Source: 1)
DEC69 To MASDC Davis Monthan for storage. (Source: 1)
by OCT73 Donated to Pima County Air Museum. (Source: 1)
OCT81 Traded back to Davis Monthan AFB for EC-121T 53-554. (Source: 2)
On display near main gate of Davis Monthan AFB. (Source: 2)
APR89 To Leonard Parker circa April 1989 and stored near the Allied Aircraft yard. (Source: 2)
DEC92 To Janet Shephardson (Minden Air Corporation) as N51006. (Source: 2)
by 96 At Allied Aircraft yard on East Drexel Road. (Source: 2)
FEB96 To Vern Raburn. (Source: 2)
JUL01 To Urs Lauppi who donated it to the Super Constellation Flyers Association for use as a spares source. (Source: 2)
07 Sold to HARS. (Source: 2)
27FEB08 Aircraft moved from Allied Aircraft yard to the storage area at Pima Air and Space Museum. (Source: 3)
AUG11 The forward fuselage was removed and stored in the restoration area of Pima Air and Space Museum pending shipment to Australia. After removal of all useful parts, the remainder of the airframe was subsequently scrapped. (Source: 2)

Marson Peter J., The Lockheed Constellation Series, Air-Britain, 1982
Pettersen, Ralph www.conniesurvivors.com


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2 25FEB16
MSN corrected from 4359 to 4350. Revised presentation of type.
1 31DEC15
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