Type: R7V-1 (L-1049B-55-75) Super Constellation
C-121G Super Constellation (redesignated)
MSN: 4137
Previous Identities: 131636


28SEP53 Delivered to the U.S. Navy as Bureau Number 131636. (Source: 1)
03OCT53 Assigned to VR-8 Military Air Transport Service (MATS) at Hickam AFB, Hawaii. (Source: 1)
21SEP57 VR-8 moved to NAS Moffett Field, California. (Source: 4)
15JUN58 Struck off charge by the USN. Total Time: 5,248 hours. (Source: 1)
Transferred to the USAF as C-121G 54-4062 and assigned to MATS WESTAF (Western Transport Air Force previously Pacific Division) and named "City of Saratoga". (Source: 1)
OCT61 Used in support of Operation Deep Freeze. (Source: 1)
OCT63 Assigned to the 187 ATS Wyoming Air National Guard at Cheyenne. (Source: 1)
01JAN66 Assigned to 187 MAS (Materiel and Services) and named "City of Jackson Hole". (Source: 1)
Served with the Wyoming ANG until at least NOV71. (Source: 1)
Assigned to 552nd Airborne Early Warning and Control Wing at McClellan AFB, California. (Source: 1)
JUL74 Unit renamed 552nd Airborne Early Warning and Control Group. (Source: 1)
JUN76 Assigned to 20 ADS, Det 1, Air Force Reserve at Homestead AFB, Florida. (Source: 1)
31MAY78 To MASDC Davis Monthan AFB, Arizona for storage. (Source: 1)
MAY82 Noted stored at MASDC. (Source: 1)
87 Reportedly to Ralph Payne but not registered. (Source: 2)
NOV89 To DMI Aviation as N2114Z. (Source: 2)
JAN90 To Aerochago of the Dominican Republic as HI-583CT. (Source: 2)
MAR93 Stored at Santo Domingo, DR after the FAA banned Dominican cargo carriers from operating in the US. (Source: 2)
97 Frank Lang flew the aircraft for the purpose of training a Dominican pilot. (Source: 2)
SEP00 To Super Constellation Flyers Association (SCFA) of Switzerland. (Source: 2)
OCT00 Registered N105CF to SCFA. (Source: 2)
07NOV00 Ferried from Santo Domingo to Opa Locka, FL. (Source: 2)
04JAN01 Departed Opa Locka for Avra Valley but was forced to land at Conroe, TX with engine and hydraulic problems. (Source: 2)
07JAN01 Ferried Conroe to Avra Valley, AZ. (Source: 2)
AUG02 Restoration abandoned by the SCFA when it emerged that the FAA would not issue a standard certificate of airworthiness. The SCFA subsequently acquired C-121C N73544 which was re-registered HB-RSC for operations in Switzerland. N105CK was subsequently parted out to support the new aircraft. (Source: 2)
06 The remaining engines from N105CK were shipped to Switzerland in early 2006. (Source: 2)
16OCT07 Noted at Avra Valley stripped of any useful parts and for sale. (Source: 2)
10 Sold by SCFA to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) who acquired the aircraft by way of assistance to the Qantas Founders Museum at Longreach. In September 2014, the QFM succeeded in acquiring N4247K in Manila and therefore had no further requirement for N105CF. (Source: 3)
OCT15 Acquired by Dynamic Aviation who also own VC-121A N9463/48-610 Columbine II.

Marson Peter J., The Lockheed Constellation Series, Air-Britain, 1982
Pettersen, Ralph www.conniesurvivors.com


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