VH-TAZ Stockdale

Type: L-18-56-23 Lodestar C-60A-5-LO
MSN: 2612
Previous Identities: 43-16452
VHRAH (callsign)
Subsequent Identities: N4848V


12NOV43 Delivered to the United States Army Air Force as C-60A-5-LO serial 43-16452. (Source: 2)
13NOV43 Delivered ex Lockheed. (Source: 3)
13NOV43 Arrived Long Beach. (Source: 3). Fitted with long range tanks at Long Beach. (Source: 2)
01DEC43 Departed Long Beach. (Source: 3)
16DEC43 Received at 3AD Amberley ex USAAF as 43-16452. To be renumbered A67-8 and 37SQN to arrange immediate collection. (Source: 1)
Allocated callsign VHRAH. (Source: 1)
21DEC43 Received at 37SQN Laverton ex 3AD. (Source: 1)
28MAY45 Received at No 1 Communication Unit (1CU) Essendon ex 37SQN. (Source: 1)
11JUN45 Grounded at 1CU as per RAAF signal. (Source: 1)
07JUL45 Allotted 7AD, Tocumwal ex 1CU for inspection and possible tank repairs. (Source: 1)
09AUG45 Received at 7AD ex 1CU. (Source: 1)
16JAN46 Work to cease. Aircraft to be stored Cat D. (Source: 1)
08FEB46 Received at 7AD Store ex 7AD. (Source: 1)
19MAR47 Sold through Commonwealth Disposals Commission for £2,500 to the Department of Civil Aviation, Melbourne. (Source: 1)
18SEP47 Issued to purchaser. (Source: 1)
26SEP47 Allotted to Department of Aircraft Production at Parafield ex Care and Maintenance Unit (prev 7AD), Tocumwal. (Source: 1)
OCT47 Trucked from Tocumwal to Parafield in convoy with A67-2 and A67-10 for overhaul by the Dept of Aircraft Production. (Source: 2)
20JUL50 Registered to the Department of Civil Aviation as VH-CAC. (Source: 5)
Leased to Trans-Australia Airlines. Used on the Townsville-Innisfail-Cairns run. Likely also used on the Sydney-Newcastle route.
26APR51 Departed Essendon for Townsville and Cairns. (Source: 4)
27APR51 Arrived Cairns. (Source: 4)
22FEB52 Sold to TAA as VH-CAC.
26FEB52 Re-registered VH-TAZ to TAA. (Source: 5)
Named Stockdale.
05MAY53 Withdrawn from service. (Source: 2)
27MAR53 Sold to Earl Bacon Corp via B.W.Cowan.
10MAY53 Departed Australia on delivery to the Earl Bacon Corp as N4848V. (Source: 2)
APR54 Registered NX4848V to William P. Lear. (Source: 2)
54 Converted to executive configuration as a Learstar. (Source: 2)
10MAY54 First flown as a Learstar. (Source: 2)
AUG54 By this date the aircraft was re-registered N14L. (Source: 2)
25APR55 To Learcraft Conversions Inc. (Source: 2)
27APR55 Learstar conversion completed. (Source: 2)
28APR55 To Chance-Vought Aircraft Inc. (Source: 2)
16AUG61 Transferred to Ling-Temco-Vought Inc. (Source: 2)
02JAN65 Company renamed LTV Aerospace Corp. (Source: 2)
01JAN69 Returned to Ling-Temco-Vought Inc. (Source: 2)
12NOV71 To Tom Steele. (Source: 2)
11JAN72 To Aero Enterprise Corp. (Source: 2)
10MAY72 To Robrose Sales of Florida Inc. (Source: 2)
MAY72 To United Aviation Inc. (Source: 2)
08OCT73 To Richard D Johnson. (Source: 2)
OCT73 To Onyx Aviation Inc. (Source: 2)
MAY74 To Allen Edward Corp, Denver CO. (Source: 2)
AUG74 Last reported at Winter Haven, Florida. (Source: 2)
31OCT75 Cancelled from the US Register following a crash of which no details are known. (Source: 2)
Parts from this aircraft were used on MSN 2454 (no Australian history). (Source: 2)
For more information on TAA Lodestar operations out of Cairns see the page for VH-TAY.


RAAF Form E/E.88 Airframe Record Card
Peter J. Marson, The Lockheed Twins, Air-Britain (Historians) Ltd., 2001.
MAC Air Case 200. NAA via Gordon Birkett
Log book of Capt R.R. Hickey via Gordon Reid
Tony Arbon, AustAirData.

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