VH-TAY Lindsay

Type: L-18-56-23 Lodestar C-60A-5-LO
MSN: 18-2613
Previous Identities: 43-16453
VHRAJ (callsign)
Subsequent Identities: N5080V


15NOV43 To United States Army Air Force as C-60A 43-16453. (Source: 2)
15NOV43 Delivered ex Lockheed. (Source: 3)
15NOV43 Arrived Long Beach. (Source: 3) Fitted with long range tanks at Long Beach. (Source: 2)
04JAN44 Departed Long Beach. (Source: 3)
11JAN44 Allotted to 37SQN Laverton ex 3AD Amberley as A67-10.
Received 37SQN same day. (Source: 1)
  Allocated callsign VHRAJ. (Source: 1)
06SEP44 Port undercarriage folded while taxying at Merauke Strip. Field repairs carried out by 1 Repair and Salvage Unit (1RSU) which had a detachment at Merauke. Estimated serviceable in 7-14 days. (Source: 1)
06DEC44 Blew a tyre on landing. Location not recorded. (Source: 1)
07DEC44 Ground looped on landing. Location not recorded. (Source: 1) This may be the same incident as 06DEC44,
12DEC44 Aircraft assessed as repairable but beyond the capacity of the unit. (Source: 1)
16DEC44 Allotted Australian National Airways, Parafield ex 37SQN for repair. (Source: 1)
04JAN45 Received at ANA Parafield. (Source: 1)
23MAR45 Allotted No 4 Communication Unit (4CU) Archerfield ex ANA Parafield to replace Hudson A16-113 (sic). Aircraft to be fitted with four seats ex A16-116 (sic) on receipt at 4CU. (Source: 1)
27MAR45 Received at 37SQN ex ANA Parafield. (Source: 1)
30MAR45 Issued 4CU ex 37SQN. (Source: 1)
11APR45 Allotted 1CU Essendon ex 4CU for use by senior Army officers. (Source: 1)
11APR45 Allotted ANA ex 1CU for fitment of seats. (Source: 1)
12APR45 Received ANA ex 1CU. (Source: 1)
10MAY45 Received 1CU ex ANA on completion. (Source: 1)
30MAY45 A67-10 VH-RAJ departed Canberra for Sydney carrying the Governor-General, The Duke of Gloucester. (Source: 5)
A67-10 grounded at 1CU due leaking fuel tanks. (Source: 1)
  During June 1945 it was discovered at No. 1 Communication Unit at Essendon that the fuel tanks of their Lodestars A67-5 and A67-10 were leaking. On 11 June 1945 the RAAF ordered that all Lodestars be grounded. Aircraft were progressively allotted to No. 7 Aircraft Depot at Tocumwal for investigation and possible repair. A67-5 and A67-10 were ferried to Tocumwal on 14JUN45 and other Lodestars followed.
A67-10 allotted 7AD Tocumwal for trial repairs to fuel leaks. (Source: 1)
A67-10 received at 7AD ex 1CU. (Source: 1)
  Fuel figures quoted below are believed to represent fuel uplift, not total fuel on board.
A67-10 test flown 50 min (537 gallons) at 7AD Tocumwal FLTLT Parsons. (Source: 9)
A67-10 test flown 15 min (300 gallons) at 7AD Tocumwal FLTLT Parsons. (Source: 9)
A67-10 test flown 4 hr 15 min (300 gallons) at 7AD Tocumwal FLTLT Parsons. (Source: 9)
A67-10 test flown 4 hr 5 min (300 gallons) at 7AD Tocumwal FLTLT Parsons. (Source: 9)
A67-10 test flown 4 hr (330 gallons) at 7AD Tocumwal FLTLT Parsons. (Source: 9)
A67-10 test flown 4 hr 20 min (300 gallons) at 7AD Tocumwal FLTLT Parsons. (Source: 9)
A67-10 test flown 45 min (340 gallons) at 7AD Tocumwal FLTLT Parsons. (Source: 9)
A67-10 test flown 1 hr (80 gallons) at 7AD Tocumwal FLTLT Parsons. (Source: 9)
A67-10 test flown 4 hr 15 min (300 gallons) at 7AD Tocumwal FLTLT Parsons. (Source: 9)
"During the month, Lodestar A67-10 on which experiments were carried out on the sealing of leaking fuel tanks was completed and placed under test during which minor weeping was experienced and at the end of the month was undergoing rectification. Inquiries conducted regarding selection of this aircraft for experimentation have revealed that this aircraft was not a good sample of the nature of the defects experienced, as apparently it bore little evidence of leaking prior to the process being applied. Therefore the effectiveness of the process under test cannot be determined by the results obtained on this particular aircraft." (Source: 9)
A67-10 allotted 1AD ex 7AD for storage. (Source: 1)
A67-10 test flown 15 hr (1300 gallons) at 7AD Tocumwal SQNLDR Barson. (Source: 9)
"Flight tests are still proceeding on Lodestar Aircraft A67-10, following application of Pliobond Fuel Tank Sealing process, as at the date of report. Results appear satisfactory, but whether the process would be satisfactory on all Aircraft of this type, cannot be determined, as mentioned in last month's report." (Source: 9)
A67-10 test flown 1 hr 10 min (60 gallons) at 7AD Tocumwal SQNLDR Barson. (Source: 9)
A67-10 test flown 1 hr 5 min (60 gallons) at 7AD Tocumwal SQNLDR Barson. (Source: 9)
A67-10 test flown 55 min (50 gallons) at 7AD Tocumwal SQNLDR Barson. (Source: 9)
A67-10 test flown 15 min (20 gallons) at 7AD Tocumwal WGCDR Brunckhurst. (Source: 9)
A67-10 test flown 4 hr 15 min (250 gallons) at 7AD Tocumwal SQNLDR Barson. (Source: 9)
A67-10 test flown 4 hr 30 min (260 gallons) at 7AD Tocumwal SQNLDR Barson. (Source: 9)
A67-10Test flown 2 hr 20 min (130 gallons) at 7AD Tocumwal SQNLDR Barson. (Source: 9)
A67-10 test flown 2 hr 5 min (110 gallons) at 7AD Tocumwal SQNLDR Barson. (Source: 9)
No 7 Aircraft Depot (7AD) was disbanded and its work taken over by the Care and Maintenance Unit (CMU), Tocumwal. Work transferred to the CMU included Lodestar Fuel Tank Sealing with one aircraft (A67-10) undergoing final flight tests after application of the Pliobond process and three NEI aircraft, one to be completed with the Pliobond process and two to be completed with the Stoner-Mudge process. (Source: 9)
In the period 15FEB46 to 28FEB46 the CMU reported that; "Further tests were completed on Lodestar A67-10 following application of tank sealing process. A67-10 has now completed 83-05 hours and made 79 landings since tanks were sealed with Pliobond." The Aircraft Storage Section of the CMU reported that seven (7) Lodestars were received during the month of February and that all were stored under cover in No. 5 Hangar. (Source: 9)
See: Lodestars at Tocumwal
A67-10 to be stored Cat D. (Source: 1)
Sold through the Commonwealth Disposals Commission to the Department of Civil Aviation for £2,500. (Source: 1)
Issued to purchaser. (Source: 1)
Trucked from Tocumwal to Parafield in convoy with A67-2 and A67-8 for overhaul by the Dept of Aircraft Production.
Test flown (presumably at Parafield). (Source: 6)
11OCT49 Registered to Dept of Civil Aviation as VH-CAB. (Source: 7)
13OCT49 Flown for 2 hours 15 minutes. (Source: 6). This could represent entry into DCA service.
21FEB50 Flown for 4 hours 15 minutes. (Source: 6). This could represent the last service with DCA.
24FEB50 No.1 service carried out by TAA at Essendon. (Source: 6)
10OCT50 Withdrawn from use by DCA at Essendon. (Source: 2)
22FEB52 Sold to TAA. (Source: 6)
Doug Fawcett claims in his autobiography that he overhauled three Lodestars for TAA. (Source: 10)
See: Doug Fawcett's Lodestars
22FEB52 Registered to TAA as VH-TAY (Source: 7). (Source 6 shows the date for change of registration as 28MAR52)
  Named Lindsay.
26/27MAR52 Flown for 6 hours 10 minutes. (Source: 6)
24JUN52 Test flown at Essendon and later the same day ferried to Brisbane. (Source: 6)
25JUN52 Training at Brisbane. (Source: 4)
03JUL52 Ferried from Brisbane to Cairns. (Source: 6)
04JUL52 Entered service with TAA based at Cairns. (Earlier stated to be 02JUL52 but the starboard engine log suggests 04JUL52.) Used mainly on services between Cairns and Townsville. The aircraft flew every day from 04JUL52 to 17AUG53 inclusive. Thereafter, the schedule was every day except Monday and Thursday although there were numerous variations. (Source: 6) The normal pattern was for the same crew to fly the Lodestar from Cairns to Townsville then the DC-3 through to Brisbane via ports. Next day, the same crew would operate the DC-3 from Brisbane to Townsville and then the Lodestar to Cairns. (Source: 4)
31MAY53 Flown for 2 hours 10 minutes. (Source: 6). This may represent the last service for VH-TAY before being ferried to Brisbane for sale.
01JUN53 Flown for 4 hours 40 minutes. The starboard engine was removed at Brisbane. (Source: 6). This may represent the ferry flight from Cairns to Brisbane after withdrawal from TAA service.
53 Sold to B.W. Cowan of Aeroquipment of Australia.
14JUL53 Registered to Earl Bacon of Santa Monica as N5080V. (Source: 2)
AUG53 Departed Brisbane en route to Los Angeles. (Source: 2)
10AUG53 To William P Lear. (Source: 2)
05APR54 Re-registered NX5080V. Used in the certification of the Learstar executive conversion. (Source: 2)
26MAY54 Re-registered N24W. (Source: 2)
25APR55 To Learcraft Conversions Inc of Santa Monica. (Source: 2)
24MAY55 To C.B. Wrightsman of Palm Beach, Florida . (Source: 2)
AUG55 Used on a European demonstration tour. Flew Gander-Paris non-stop in 8hr 50min. (Source: 2)
FEB56 Fitted with weather radar. (Source: 2)
15SEP58 To the Texas Eastern Transmission Corp of Shreveport, Louisiana. (Source: 2)
20NOV58 Re-registered N179T. (Source: 2)
13SEP66 To Omni Investment Corp of Washington, DC. (Source: 2)
19SEP66 To Founders Investment Ltd of Albuquerque, New Mexico. (Source: 2)
20SEP66 Re-registered N1791. (Source: 2)
22SEP66 To Westernair of Albuquerque. (Source: 2)
27SEP66 Returned to Founders Investment Ltd. (Source: 2)
27DEC66 Re-registered N298AR. (Source: 2)
09JAN67 To Aerodyne Engineering Corp of Dallas, Texas. (Source: 2)
03MAR67 To Atlantic Richfield Co of Philadelphia. (Source: 2)
14APR69 To Aero-Cruse Inc of Dallas and sold same day to the White Shield Oil and Gas Corp of Tulsa, Oklahoma. (Source: 2)
06FEB70 Re-registered N14WS. (Source: 2)
08OCT70 To the Jean Everest Rental Company of Oklahoma City. (Source: 2)
01FEB73 To Robert B Phillips. (Source: 2)
05OCT73 To C.H. McKeller trading as McKeller Aviation. (Source: 2)
09OCT73 To the Business Travel Corp of Lakeland, Florida. (Source: 2)
25MAR76 To Marcus Kane trading as Kane Engineering of Bridgeton, Missouri. (Source: 2)
FEB77 To Marvin Zylstra of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (Source: 2)
01APR77 To Auto Marine Sales Corp of Fort Lauderdale. (Source: 2)
11FEB80 CofA suspended after a minor accident. (Source: 2)
05MAR80 To Summit Quarries Inc of Summit Station, Pennsylvania. (Source: 2)
OCT80 Last reported sighting Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (Source: 2)
09NOV81 To Robert Stacker. (Source: 2)
14JUN12 Cancelled from the US Register. (Source: 8)
Summary of flights from September 1949 to June 1953.
Calendar showing flights ex Cairns from July 1952 to May 1953.

RAAF Form E/E.88 Airframe Record Card
Peter J. Marson, The Lockheed Twins, Air-Britain (Historians) Ltd., 2001.
MAC Air Case 200. NAA via Gordon Birkett
Log book of Capt R.R. Hickey via Gordon Reid
NAA: RAAF Unit History sheets (Form A50) [Operations Record Book - Forms A50 and A51] Governor General's Communication Flight Apr 45 - Jul 47. Number 34 Squadron Jul 55 - Mar 83, Series number A9186, Control symbol 66
Log Book of the starboard engine fitted to VH-CAB/VH-TAY.
Tony Arbon, AustAirData.
Federal Aviation Administration.
NAA, Series A9186, RAAF Unit History sheets (Form A50) [Operations Record Book - Forms A50 and A51] Aircraft Depots 4-7 May 42 - Jul 47
Fawcett, Doug, Pilots & Propellers - a lifetime in aviation, Crawford House, 1998.

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