Type: L-426 Neptune P2V-5/P-2E
MSN: 426-5086
Previous Identities: 133642


06APR51 Allotted serial number A89-983
15AUG52 Renumbered A89-305.
24DEC52 Received 11SQN Pearce ex USA.
25NOV53 Departed Pearce for storage at 3AD Archerfield.
02DEC54 3AD instructed to upgrade the aircraft to fly-away status.
10JAN55 Back at 11SQN by this date.
24AUG59 Departed for USA for Jet Pod Mod.
07DEC59 Returned from the USA.
09MAY60 To CAC, Avalon for Mod 208.
07JUN60 Received 2AD ex CAC.
21APR61 Received CAC, Avalon for Mod 201.
12MAY61 Received 11SQN ex CAC.
03JAN68 Received 2AD ex 11SQN for conversion to components. Airframe subsequently scrapped.


  • The first two aircraft (A89-301 & 302) were commenced as P2V-4 but were brought up close to P2V-5 standard on the production line. Nevertheless, there were differences between these two aircraft and the following ten, principally in their electrical systems.
  • Initially, RAAF serials were "scrambled" for security reasons.
  • Mark 1 - Initially all P2V-5 were designated as Mark 1.
  • Mark 2 - With the removal of the nose and tail turrets and the addition of a clear nose and a MAD boom, the aircraft were redesignated as Mark 2.
  • Mark 3 - With the removal of the dorsal turret they were redesignated as Mark 3.
  • Mark 4 - With the addition of Westinghouse J34 jet pods they were redesignated P2V-5F Mark 4.
  • In 1962 the P2V-5 designation was changed to P-2E in line with USN designations.
  • All P2V-5/P-2E served with No 11 Squadron RAAF, initially at Pearce, WA but by 31MAY54 the squadron had completed its move to Richmond, NSW.

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