Type: L-414-08 Hudson Mk IVA/A-28
MSN: 6076
Previous Identities: 41-23217
A16-147 (VH-RBH radio call-sign)
Subsequent Identities: 2601 (Israeli Air Force)






26DEC41 Received 1 AD Laverton ex USA.
25JAN42 Received 14 Sqn Pearce ex 1 AD.
28MAR42 Taxied into concrete tie-down block at Pearce, damaging bomb doors and underside of fuselage.
28OCT42 Received 17 RSU ex 14 Sqn.
28MAR43 Received 1 OTU ex 17 RSU.
02MAY43 Received 7 AD ex 1 OTU for overhaul and modifications.
14JUL43 Received 3 AD ex 7 AD en route 6 Sqn.
15AUG43 Received 6 Sqn ex 3 AD.
03SEP43 Received 7 AD ex 6 Sqn for modification to transport aircraft.
15NOV43 Received 1 CU ex 7 AD. 1 CU to fit seats for use by CAS.
23NOV43 Received 7 AD ex 1 CU.
06JAN44 Allocated radio callsign VH-RBH.
08JAN44 Received 38 Sqn ex 7 AD.
17JUN44 Received 1 OTU ex 38 Sqn.
29NOV45 Allocated to 2 AD for storage.
03DEC45 Above allotment suspended. Aircraft to remain at 1 OTU for Bush Fire Patrol until 31MAR46 then to proceed to 2 AD Richmond for storage.
29MAR46 Received 2 AD Storage ex East Sale.
24APR47 Sold to Godden, Board and Godden, Sydney for £1,000.
22JUL47 Issued to purchaser.
19MAR48 Registration application from C. Raymond Penny, Sydney specifying 13 passenger configuration.
17JUN48 Added to register as VH-BIH.
08SEP48 Penny wrote to DCA advising that he was leaving on a "private overseas flight" on 16SEP48. Captain G. Board and passenger C.R. Penny.
03NOV48 Passed through Bahrain en route Baghdad and Nicosia. Aircraft documents named the owner as Burke Naughton Pty Ltd, Sydney and the pilot as G.R. Board. (Burke Naughton was a Sydney real estate firm of which C.R. Penny was a director.) Registration markings on the rear fuselage were only approximately two inches high.
06NOV48 Bahrain received a flight plan clearing VH-BIH from Nicosia to Bahrain direct, giving the captain's name as G. Braln. Bahrain were unable to contact the aircraft and eventually instigated overdue action. It was later established that the aircraft had diverted to Haifa. The aircraft was subsequently handed over to the Israeli Air Force and issued with the serial 2601 (subject to confirmation). (At the time, Israel was engaged in its war of independence and was the subject of an arms embargo).
11OCT49 Struck off Australian Register as "improper sale overseas". It is assumed that the aeroplane was subsequently destroyed in combat or scrapped.

Issue Date Remarks
2 17OCT01
Added Israeli Air Force serial 2601

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