Nose art applied to AP-3C Orion A9-661 Nicky in the MEAO in March 2008 before the aircraft returned to Australia. The artwork, which was designed by Avionics Fitter CPL Jarrod Rueff, is based on a blackjack theme with the ace of spades representing an "Ace" squadron and a ten of spades representing 10 Squadron. In blackjack this hand adds up to 21 representing the 21st rotation of Orion "Spider Operations". The two redback spiders represent Task Group 633.2 the home of "Spider Ops" and "Spider Maintenance" in the MEAO. Number 10 Squadron's chimera emblem is featured in red and the name Nicky is featured on a central scroll. Similar artwork appeared on A9-656 at the same time but with the name Hollie.
Source: Air Force News 9 July 2009