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Star Dusters Lockheed Martin Retirees
Constellation HARS C-121C VH-EAG
  The Constellation Survivor Website Ralph Pettersen's excellent listing of surviving Connies.
. Super Constellation Flyers Assn C-121C N105CF & N73544
. The Willy Victor Page Warning Stars
Neptune Neptune Research Project

U.S. Navy Patrol Squadrons Neptunes and Venturas
P-3 Orion P-3 Orion Research Group
L188 Electra Ulrich Hoppe's L188 Electra Page
Ventura U.S. Navy Patrol Squadrons Venturas and Neptunes
F-104 Starfighter Starfighters Airshow Demonstration Team
C-141 Starlifter C-141 Heaven Comprehensive resource on the Starlifter
Burbank Aviation History of the San Fernando Valley Lots of Lockheed history
Miscellaneous The AirNet Links Site Extensive Aviation Links Site by Howard Curtis
Australian Military Aircraft ADF Serials Comprehensive listings of Australian military aircraft of all types.
Civil Aviation Historical Society Airways Museum This highly recommended site is devoted to the history of Australia's Department of Civil Aviation, its predecessors and successors. The CAHS also operates the Airways Museum at Melbourne's Essendon Airport. This site is a good resource for researching civil aviation in Australia.
The Ed Coates Civil Aircraft Photograph Collection The Ed Coates Civil Aircraft Photograph Collection. Some of Ed Coates' wonderful photos already appear on "The Lockheed File" but now we can all enjoy Ed's photos of aircraft other than Lockheeds as Ed has just launched his own website. Ed has been photographing aeroplanes for sixty years and although he is now living in the United States, his collection includes many Australian civil aircraft from the 30s, 40s and 50s. At the time of writing (October 2004), the site includes only Australian aircraft but the coverage is being progressively extended to include New Zealand, Canada, the United States and the rest of the world. Ed is to be congratulated for sharing these jewels with us. Ed's site is highly recommended. Enjoy!
The History of Ansett:

Airlines and Aircraft of the Ansett Group 1921- 2002

Ansett historian Fred Niven has published his extensive research as a USB flash drive which is updated periodically. In addition to detailed histories of every aircraft that ever operated for Ansett, its predecessors and associates, this history also describes the operators themselves going back to Australian National Airways. For anyone with an interest in this great Australian airline, Fred's History of Ansett is a must. The USB flash drive can be ordered from:



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