The author wishes to thank the following for their assistance
with the compilation
of the Lightning pages of
The Lockheed File.

Bob Alford
Gordon Birkett
Rich Faulkner
Juanita Franzi
Terry Geary
Wynnum Graham
Kevin Grantham
John Hopton
Bob Jarrett
Bob Livingstone
Peter May
Mike Nelmes
Lawrence Packard
Bruce Potts
Bob Rocker
Neville Rourke
Frank Smith
Chuck Varney
David Wilson


  • "Lockheed Aircraft Since 1913" - Rene J. Francillon (Putnam)

  • "The Australian Aeronautical History Record - The Aeroplane in Australia" - John Hopton.

  • RAAF Form A.50 - "Operations Record Book" No 1 P.R.U.

  • RAAF Form E./E.88 - Record Card Airframes.

  • RAAF Command HQ Files - National Archives of Australia Series A11093 Item 3081559.

  • "The Eight Ballers: Eyes of the 5th Air Force" - Stanaway & Rocker (Schiffer Books 1999)

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