This photograph appears on page 9 of The Eight Ballers. The pilot pictured is Lt Herbert Thomas who was also the Squadron Engineering Officer. The location is said to be Fourteen Mile Strip. The aircraft is clearly F-4 Lightning 41-2130 which was named Malaria Mabel. While the name Mabel can be read on the nose, the preceding word does not look like Malaria but seems more like Moochin but this name has never previously been ascribed to an 8th PRS F-4. Given that 41-2130 was with the squadron when it first deployed to New Guinea, it could be speculated that squadron personnel had not previously experienced the debilitating illness malaria and this might have prompted a change of name. Other photos of this aircraft show the name Malaria Mabel painted more prominently on the port side of the nose.
Photo: Thomas via Bob Rocker