This photograph shows an unidentified 8th PRS Lockheed F-4 Lightning loaded as deck cargo aft on "A" deck of the S.S. President Coolidge. This former cruise liner sailed from San Francisco on 19 March 1942 carrying infantry and equipment as well as personnel from "A" Flight of the 8th PRS. The ship docked in Melbourne on 7 April 1942 when it is believed this photograph was taken. The first four F-4s deployed to the SWPA were carried on this voyage so the aircraft depicted is one of 41-2123, 41-2124, 41-2125 or 41-2126.Source: Unknown
This photograph shows the S.S. President Coolidge sinking at Espiritu Santo on 26 October 1942 after it struck two mines. The red dot indicates where the F-4 Lightning was loaded in the April 1942 photograph above. This view also shows the 5 inch gun mounted on the fantail and the two 3 inch guns on raised platforms aft on "A" deck. For more information on the S.S. President Coolidge visit Michael McFadyen's Dive Site