Type: L-414-56 Hudson Mk IIIA/A-29
MSN: 6477
Previous Identities: 41-36988
Subsequent Identities: 2603 (Israeli Air Force)


06MAY42 Received CAC for erection.
28MAY42 Received 1 AD Laverton ex CAC after erection.
03JUN42 Received 5 AD ex 1 AD.
11JUL42 Received 13 SQN ex 5 AD.
11JUL42 Received 1 RSU ex 13 SQN for fitment auxiliary fuel and oil tanks.
23JUL42 While taxying at Daly Waters tailwheel strut collapsed damaging rear bulkhead.
10AUG42 Received 13 SQN ex 1 RSU.
13NOV42 Taxied into drain and starboard undercarriage collapsed.
16NOV42 Received 1 RSU ex 13 SQN.
09JAN43 Received 13 SQN ex 1 RSU.
18MAR43 Received 1 AD Laverton ex 1 RSU.
27APR43 Received 5 AD ex 1 AD.
26JUN43 Received 2 SQN ex 5 AD.
19JAN44 Received 4 RSU ex 2 SQN.
11FEB44 Received 1 AD ex 4 RSU.
13MAR44 Received ANA, Parafield ex 1 AD for conversion to air ambulance.
23MAY44 Received 1 AD ex ANA for fitment of IFF equipment.
28MAY44 Received 2 AAU ex 1 AD.
07AUG45 Allotted to Survey Flight.
07MAY46 Received 2 AD ex Survey Flight.
01OCT46 Stored at 2 AD Richmond.
24SEP47 Sold to European Air Transport, Sydney for £1,000
25NOV47 Collected by purchaser.
17DEC47 Registered VH-BIA.
29JAN48 Registration application from European Air Transport, Sydney. To be used on overseas charter operations in 14 passenger 3 crew configuration.
48 Flew to Athens experiencing numerous unserviceabilities en route.
JUN48 Inspected at Mascot by DCA and electrical system found to be in very poor condition. Aircraft maintained by Curtis Madsen Aircrafts of whom DCA were highly critical.
NOV48 European Air Transport "virtually non existent".
29NOV48 Change of ownership to Rene Jorio, Kings Cross, Sydney. Based at Camden.
29NOV48 DCA file contains identical carbon copy of George Marcel's letter (see VH-BFQ) advising: "I wish to take my aircraft out of Australia on a private business trip."
19JAN49 Change of ownership to Nicholas Marcello, Kings Cross, NSW.
19JAN49 Marcello advises DCA that he will be taking aircraft overseas soon.
MAR49 Left Australia on a charter flight to Israel.
22APR49 Australian CofA expired.
49 Transferred to Israel Government on a five year lease. Entered service with the Israeli Air Force as 2603 (subject to confirmation).
OCT49 Struck off Register as "improper sale overseas". Presumed destroyed in combat or subsequently scrapped.

Issue Date Remarks
2 08JUN98
Added Israeli Air Force serial 2603.

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