Type: L-414-56 Hudson Mk IIIA/A-29
Msn: 6417
Previous Identities: 41-23600
Subsequent Identities: 2602 (Israeli Air Force)


16MAR42 Received 2 AD Richmond.
02APR42 Departed 2 AD Richmond en route 2 Sqn via Cloncurry.
06APR42 Received 2 Sqn ex 2 AD.
15APR42 Aircraft damaged in accident.
23APR42 Received 1 AD Laverton ex 2 Sqn.
21MAY42 To be fitted "only with beam guns" at 1 AD.
31MAY42 Issued 13 Sqn ex 1 AD.
02JUL42 Received 1 RSU es 13 Sqn.
30JUL42 Received 13 Sqn ex 1 RSU.
24SEP42 Received 1 RSU ex 13 Sqn.
03NOV42 Received 13 Sqn ex 1 RSU.
24DEC42 Issued 1 RSU ex 13 Sqn for engine change and starboard mainplane change.
17JAN43 Allotted 13 Sqn ex 1 RSU.
16MAR43 Received 1 RSU ex 13 Sqn.
14APR43 Received 2 Sqn ex 1 RSU.
21MAY43 Received 4 RSU ex 2 Sqn.
31MAY43 Received 2 Sqn ex 4 RSU.
26JUN43 Received 4 RSU ex 2 Sqn.
05JUL43 Received 2 Sqn ex 4 RSU.
27JUL43 Received 4 RSU ex 2 Sqn.
17AUG43 Received 2 Sqn ex 4 RSU.
29OCT43 Received 3 AD Amberley ex 2 Sqn for survey and complete overhaul.
11OCT44 Received by Australian National Airways, Parafield for conversion to air ambulance.
18NOV44 Received 2 AAU ex ANA.
20AUG45 Received 2 AD Richmond ex 2 AAU. Aircraft time expired and all fuel tanks leaking.
19NOV45 Issued 2 AD for storage.
24SEP47 Sold to European Air Transport, Sydney for £170.
12NOV47 Collected by purchaser.
17DEC47 Registration application from European Air Transport, Sydney for 14 passenger configuration. (EAT was formed in 1947 to operate migrant charters to Australia, mainly from Italy and Greece).
11NOV48 Change of ownership to George Marcel, Kings Cross.
13NOV48 Marcel advises DCA that he wishes to take VH-BFQ "on a private business trip overseas".
DEC48 Managing Director of EAT, Nicholas Marcello, advises DCA that VH-BFQ will shortly be leaving Australia on a charter.
FEB49 Departed Australia. The aeroplane later entered service with the Israeli Air Force with the serial 2602 (subject to confirmation). It is assumed that the aircraft was subsequently destroyed in combat or scrapped.
04APR49 Australian Certificate of Airworthiness expired.
11OCT49 Struck off Australian Register as "improper sale overseas".

Issue Date Remarks
2 13FEB98
Added Israeli Air Force serial 2602.

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