Hudson VH-BIH undergoing civil conversion at Mascot. Identification of the Israeli Hudsons is made difficult by the lack of photographs of these aircraft in Australia. This photo of VH-BIH at Mascot is the only known image of an Israeli Hudson prior to departure from Australia. The Application for Registration for VH-BIH, dated 19 March 1948, stated that the aircraft was configured with 13 passenger seats. The DCA file on the aircraft later recorded that; "The registration letters painted on the side of the aircraft were about two inches high, presumably to avoid identification except at close quarters." The registration letters in the above photograph appear to be about half the height of the rudder balance weight cutout which has been measured (on an actual Hudson fin!) at 30cm (approx 12 inches) high so that would make the registration letters approximately 6 inches high. It could be speculated that the registration may have been moved subsequently from the fin to the "side" of the fuselage and in a reduced size but there is no evidence to support this.Picture: Warren Penny via Geoff Goodall