Type: L-414-08 Hudson Mk IVA
MSN: 6045
Previous Identities: 41-23186


08DEC41   Received at No 1 Aircraft Depot, Laverton ex U.S.A.
24DEC41   Issued to No 14 Sqn at Pearce, WA.
05DEC42   Allotted to No 32 Sqn at Camden.
27DEC42   Crashed on landing at Camden causing major damage.
10JAN43   Received at No 2 Aircraft Depot, Richmond for repair.
30SEP43   Issued to No 2 Aircraft Park for Radar trials.
08OCT43   Received at No 7 Aircraft Depot, Tocumwal ex 2AD for modification to transport aircraft with interior fittings from A16-16.
04DEC43   Received at No 4 Comms Flight, Archerfield.
26MAR45   Issued to No 1 Comms Unit, Laverton ex No 4 Comms Unit.
14APR45   Received at No 1 OTU East Sale, Vic.
19OCT45   Issued to No 1 Comms Unit, Laverton ex 1OTU.
11MAR46   To be taken off VIP communication duties and made available for fishery surveys off the south-east, south and south-west coasts of Australia under the direction of Mr Fowler of the CSIR for a period of 2-3 months.
12AUG46   Received at Station HQ Pearce, WA for storage.
01APR47   Sold by the Commonwealth Disposals Commission to MacRobertson Miller Aviation Company of Perth, WA for 200.
12MAY47   Issued to purchaser.
    MMA found one engine had a problem so removed it at Pearce and took it by road to Maylands for repairs, then refitted it to the Hudson. (Source: Geoff Goodall)
20MAY47   The aircraft was ferried Pearce-Guildford by Captain Cyril Goode with Captain Cyril Kleinig assisting, with two MMA staff on board. It is almost certain that the aircraft was ferried as A16-116 as no civil registration was ever issued to this aircraft. The ferry was done with undercarriage extended, and a flapless landing was made at Guildford. It was reported as "immediately" stripped for engines and parts by MMA, then sold to a Perth scrap metal dealer who said he intended making the fuselage into a caravan. (Source: Geoff Goodall & Roger McDonald)

Issue Date Remarks
1 26JAN11
Unless shown otherwise, the source is the RAAF Form E/E.88.

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