Type: L-182-1A Hercules C-130A-50-LM
MSN: 182-3207
Call Sign: VM-JLD
Previous Identities: 57-0500
Subsequent Identities: N2267B (NTU)


25NOV58 Received by RAAF.
06DEC58 Departed Lockheed, Marietta on delivery to Australia (in company with A97-205, 206 & 209).
13DEC58 Received at 2AD, Richmond for acceptance inspection.
22DEC58 Despatched to 86 Wing.
31MAR61 Received at 2AD for repairs.
30JAN62 Received at 86 Wing ex 2AD.
07FEB62 Despatched to Lockheed for fuel tank corrosion repairs.
23JUN62 Received at 86 Wing ex USA.
10AUG64 Received at 2AD ex 86 Wing for mods.
29OCT64 Received at 36SQN ex 2AD.
17FEB65 Received at Qantas for E service.
17MAY65 Received at 36SQN ex Qantas.
16AUG65 Received 2AD ex 36SQN for mods.
06OCT65 Received at 36SQN ex 2AD.
04OCT66 Received at 2AD for rework of Mod 125 and prototype modification installation.
27OCT66 Received at 36SQN ex 2AD.
02MAY67 Received at 2AD for Mods 151 and 138.
02JUN67 Received at 36SQN ex 2AD.
27MAR68 Received at Qantas for ADS.
16MAY68 Received at 36SQN ex Qantas.
68 During a demonstration by a 36SQN CFI, the aircraft stalled and spun six times. (Source: Col Tigwell)
01JUL68 Received at 2AD ex 36SQN for ultrasonic inspection of spar caps.
05DEC68 Received at 36SQN ex 2AD.
11JUN70 Received at Qantas for ADS.
15JUL70 Issued to 36SQN ex Qantas.
20DEC72 Allotted to Qantas for ADS.
05FEB73 Allotted to 36SQN ex Qantas.
05NOV73 Allotted to 486SQN.
17JUN75 Allotted to 2AD for wing repairs and ADS.
NOV75 Allotted to 486SQN.
11OCT77 Allotted to Qantas (for ADS?).
09NOV77 Allotted to 486SQN.
24MAY78 Registration application from Global Jet Sales/Parmax, Fort Worth, Texas as N2267B (NTU).
27NOV85 Registered to Ford & Vlahos, San Francisco as N22FV.
04FEB86 Media Release: "The Prime Minister (Bob Hawke) today officially handed over to the International Committee of the Red Cross the first of the Hercules aircraft the Government has offered to provide for the airlift of food supplies to famine areas in Africa. The International Committee of the Red Cross will use the aircraft for its relief operations in Africa for a 12 month period commencing 1 March 1986. The Hercules C130A was handed over at Richmond RAAF Base, near Sydney, to the Assistant Secretary-General of the Australian Red Cross Society, Mr Alan McLean, representing the International Committee of the Red Cross. The ICRC has demonstrated a capacity for effective distribution of humanitarian aid in Ethiopia and elsewhere in Africa. The aircraft is scheduled to leave Richmond tomorrow for Bordeaux, France, for further mechanical refurbishment before it commences operations in Ethiopia in March. The Government offered to provide two C130A aircraft for famine relief work in Africa following a request by Bob Geldof, of Live Aid, and to meet the costs of making the aircraft flightworthy and ferrying them to Africa. This was initially estimated to cost between $1.1 million and $1.7 million."
In the event only one aircraft was supplied.
19MAR86 N22FV cancelled from US Register.
MAR86 Registered as EL-ALM for use on relief flights by the International Red Cross. Named "The Wizard of Oz".
21MAR86 Flew from Athens to Addis Ababa as EL-AJM.
05DEC86 Flew from Cocos Islands to Perth and subsequently stored at Avalon, VIC.
JAN87 Held at Laverton.
MAR89 Registered to Fowler Aeronautical Service Inc as N207GM (GM = Gil Mose, the owner)
89 While the aircraft was being prepared for delivery ex Avalon in 1989 it was discovered that the data plate had been over-stamped to change the USAF serial from 57-0500 to 57-0501 i.e. A97-208 which had been exported in NOV83. The constructor's number was unchanged as the US authorities used only the USAF serial number in their paperwork. N207GM was not imported into the USA as the import documentation was subsequently found in the aircraft trash can. (Source: Bob Maddern)
SEP92 Registered to IEP IEPO, Chatsworth, California as N207GM.
22NOV92 Noted at Shannon en route to Alverca. (Source: Fergal Goodman)
NOV92 Arrived at OGMA (Lockheed service centre) Alverca, Portugal and stored. Later joined by N216CR (A97-216)
04MAY01 Noted at Alverca, Portugal, complete but in poor condition. Expected to be scrapped. (Aviation Letter 415/55)
SEP01 Broken up by OGMA some time after this date. (See below) (Source: Col Tigwell)
03 The aircraft was noted still intact at OGMA in late 2003. (See above) (Source: Adrian Streather)

ADS Anti-Deterioration Servicing
AMTDU Air Movements Training & Development Unit
DAS Department of Administrative Services
NTU Not Taken Up
2AD No 2 Aircraft Depot, RAAF Richmond

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