Type: L-182-1A Hercules C-130A-50-LM
MSN: 182-3205
Call Sign: VM-JLA
Previous Identities: 57-0498
Subsequent Identities: N22660 (NTU)


08NOV58 Received by RAAF.
06DEC58 Departed Lockheed, Marietta on delivery to Australia (in company with A97-206, 207 & 209).
15DEC58 Received at 2AD, Richmond for acceptance inspection.
07JUN61 Allotted to Lockheed for fuel tank corrosion repairs.
24NOV61 Received at 86 Wing ex USA.
08JUL63 Received at 2AD for mods.
03OCT63 Received at 86 Wing ex 2AD.
28JUL64 Received at Qantas, Mascot for wing repairs.
14AUG64 Received at 86 Wing ex Qantas.
09AUG65 Received at Qantas for E service.
09NOV65 Received at 36SQN ex Qantas.
22NOV65 Received at 2AD for mods.
27APR66 Received at 36SQN ex 2AD.
09MAR67 Received at 2AD for mods.
26APR67 Received at 36SQN ex 2AD.
11DEC67 Received at 2AD for replacement of defective wing fittings.
05FEB68 Received at 36SQN ex 2AD.
14AUG68 Received at Qantas for ADS ex 36SQN.
23SEP68 Received at 2AD ex Qantas for repair of wing root fitting.
04NOV68 Received at 36SQN ex 2AD.
14AUG70 Received at Qantas.
16SEP70 Issued to 2AD ex Qantas.
18SEP72 Allotted to 2AD for corrosion repairs.
09NOV72 Operated a special ceremonial flight ex Richmond to mark the completion of No 36 Squadron's 100,000 hours of C-130 operations without a major accident
11JAN73 Allotted to 36SQN.
16JAN73 Allotted to Qantas for ADS.
05MAR73 Allotted to 36SQN.
15NOV73 Allotted to 486SQN.
29JUL75 Received at Qantas for ADS.
07SEP75 Allotted to Laverton. Declared to DAS for sale.
24MAY78 Registration application from Global Jet Sales/Parmax, Fort Worth, Texas as N22660 (NTU)
MAR89 Registered N205FA to Fowler Aeronautical Service Inc, Van Nuys, California
  Fuselage to Holsworthy Army Barracks, NSW as a parachute training aid

ADS Anti-Deterioration Servicing
AMTDU Air Movements Training & Development Unit
DAS Department of Administrative Services
NTU Not Taken Up
2AD No 2 Aircraft Depot, RAAF Richmond


Issue Date Remarks
6 09APR16
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5 12SEP15
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4 02SEP12
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3 15DEC02
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