VH-TLC Charles Sturt

Type: L-188A / L-188AF Electra
MSN: 1147
Previous Identities: Nil
Subsequent Identities: N188LC


TAA's DayGlo Livery
26FEB60 Ordered by TAA
08AUG60 A memorandum issued by the TAA Director of Operations states that VH-TLC will be delivered via the following routing: Los Angeles/Honolulu/Canton Island/Nadi/Melbourne. The planned crew is as follows: Captains R.R. Raye, L.W. Manning and M.B. Darby (navigator), First Officer D.L. Mackenzie and Flight Engineer L.T.G. Heard. (Source: Gordon Reid)
16AUG60 First flight
Registered to Australian National Airlines Commission.
25AUG60 Delivered to Trans Australia Airlines as VH-TLC "Charles Sturt"
26AUG60 Departed U.S.A. on delivery.
29AUG60 Arrived Essendon on delivery to TAA
03SEP60 Entered service TN416 Melbourne to Sydney
22MAY61 Planned to depart Essendon for wing and engine mount mods in the USA. Planned routing: Melbourne/Nadi/Canton Island/Honolulu/Burbank. Crew: Captains L.E. Morey, I.O. Black and A.W. Hawksford, Captain R. Lauchland as navigator and Flight Engineer J.S. Mitchell.
24MAY61 Entered LEAP as LEAP #154 TAA-3
16JUN61 Completed LEAP. Departed Burbank for Australia with the same crew.
18JUN61 Planned arrival date at Essendon.
20JUL61 Record Melbourne/Perth 4 hrs 19 mins (Capt J. Hickey)
24APR64 Grounded owing to the discovery of a crack in the wing of VH-TLB
27JUL64 Returned to service
28FEB65 Ferried to Hong Kong for overhaul
15MAY65 Returned to Melbourne after overhaul
04JUL66 Departed Melbourne for maintenance in the USA
31OCT70 Operated last TAA service TN446 Hobart to Melbourne and stored. 28,831 hours 22,595 landings
02SEP71 Ferried from Essendon to Tullamarine with the gear locked down. Crewed by Capt Stuart Arnold (command), Capt Aart Hofman and Flight Engineer Bob Verity. Flight time: 45 mins. (Source: Stuart Arnold's log book).
21JAN72 Sold to Concare Aircraft Leasing of Tulsa
07JUN72 Struck off the Australian Register.
10JUN72 Departed Melbourne for Port Moresby, Wake Island, Hilo, and Burbank on delivery to Concare Aircraft Leasing as N188LC
18JUL72 Reported under overhaul at Marana, Arizona and subsequently operated by Holiday Airlines
01DEC72 Leased to Transcontinental Air Transport
24JAN73 Visited Teterboro, Jersey transporting performer Neil Young
20DEC73 Returned to Concare. Also reported sold to California Airmotive Corp. on this date
MAY74 Sold to American Jet Industries
75 Converted to L-188AF freighter by American Jet Industries
04MAY76 Cancelled from US register
JUN76 Sold to TACA, El Salvador as YS-06C. The aircraft was not named in TACA service.
OCT85 Registered N188LC to Galaxy Airlines Inc, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
07MAR87 Seen at Tucson, Arizona in Galaxy colours being worked on
AUG87 Registered to Orion Aircraft Sales Inc, Van Nuys, California
27NOV87 Seen stored at Tucson in Galaxy colours
JAN88 Registered to Nevada Aircraft Sales, Las Vegas
APR88 Registered to Cardinal Corporation
16SEP88 Seen at Tucson with new registration OB-M-1328
10DEC88 Arrived Lima on delivery to Palmas del Espino SA
28DEC88 Entered service with Aero Transporte SA from Lima to Iquitos
20MAR89 Arrived Maputo on one year lease to Linhas Aereas de Mocambique of Mozambique
11NOV89 Seen at Lima with Aero Transporte titles and marked OB-1328
AUG91 Re-registered HK-3642X to Lineas Aereas de la Amazonica, Columbia.
FEB92 To Transapel S.A., Bogota, Columbia as HK-3706X
01JUN92 Seen at Bogota as HK-3706X with Apel Express titles
AUG94 Re-registered HK-3706
25OCT94 Seen at Bogota with Apel Express titles
07SEP97 Seen stored at Bogota
JAN03 Noted at Mexico City as XA-AEG with Mex-Jet Cargo

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