Type: L-188A / L-188AF Electra
MSN: 1123
Previous Identities: N6132A
Subsequent Identities: VH-PTQ


12FEB60 First flight
19FEB60 Delivered to American Airlines as N6132A "Flagship Richmond"
02DEC60 Entered LEAP as LEAP #34 AAL-4
03JAN61 Completed LEAP
06FEB69 Sold to McCulloch Properties Inc
13FEB69 Delivered to McCulloch. Operated under names McCulloch and Lake Havasu City
10MAY72 Transferred to McCulloch International
AUG75 Converted to L-188AF freighter by Lockheed
23AUG75 Delivered to Ansett Airlines of Australia Air Cargo (arrived in McCulloch colours but without titles). Known Crew: Captain P. Legge and Flight Engineer F. Cox.
Also Captain M.J. (Max) Read who was the Brisbane Check Captain on the L-188 at the time. (Source: Don Johnston)
The Navigator was Stewart McEwen. (Source: Brian Woodhouse)
The following engineers who had been in Ontario supervising the conversion also travelled on the delivery flight:
Albie Travaskis (Airframe) Barry Dyer (Avionics) Brian Woodhouse (Engines) Bob Gale (Radio systems). (Source: Brian Woodhouse)
27AUG75 Registered to ATI (Operations) as VH-RMG
28AUG75 Entered service Melbourne to Launceston
05MAY78 Last service AN451 Perth to Melbourne
25MAY78 Cancelled from Australian Register
30MAY78 Test flown at Melbourne using "trade plate" registration VH-PTQ. Sold to Evergreen International as N2251A and departed for Auckland and Miami
12JUL78 Re-registered N5538 to Evergreen International
JAN83 Cancelled from US register
JAN83 In late January 1983 the aircraft was flown by Argentinian aircrew to Commandante Espora Naval Air Base at Bahia Blanca where it was converted for maritime reconnaissance and ECM duties. In Argentine service the aircraft was known as an Electron (Electra de Exploracion). It has also been suggested that the name derives from ELECTR + oriON. The aircraft initially carried the serial LV65-101 but this was later changed to 6-P-101.
09JUL83 Flew a sortie to the Antarctic to drop supplies to the weather station at Deception Island.
01SEP84 Some sources state that the aircraft was acquired by the Argentine Navy on this date. In the light of the foregoing new information, it is possible that this is the date that the serial was changed to 6-P-101. (See JUL89)
87 Detected a foreign submarine cruising on the surface whilst the aircraft was on a surveillance patrol
JUL89 Reported to have been re-serialled 6-P-101 at this time. (Source: Steven Raczynski)
20SEP89 Force landed at Almirante Zar Naval Air Base, also known as Trelew, at midday on 20SEP89. One undercarriage leg would not lower so the aircraft circled the field to burn off fuel. On landing, the right wing struck the ground and broke off. The aircraft swung through 180 degrees and the starboard props severed the forward fuselage. The aircraft caught fire but it was immediately extinguished by waiting fire crews. Three of the crew were severely injured but 20 other Naval personnel walked away from the crash. It has been reported that part of the fuselage was still visible at Trelew which also serves as a domestic airport. A local newspaper published a photo which shows that the aircraft was effectively destroyed in the accident. (Source: Steven Raczynski)

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