Type: L-188A / L-188AF Electra
MSN: 1044
Previous Identities: N1883 (#2)
Subsequent Identities: N357Q


18MAR59 The previous Electra to carry the registration N1883 (msn 1003) was de-registered on this date (subsequently becoming the Orion prototype). This means that the registration N1883 would have been available for re-allocation to Electra msn 1044 (later VH-RMC) as early as March 1959. This suggests that the future VH-RMC first flew (as N1883 #2) in March 1959. Prior to its sale to ANSETT-ANA, the aircraft was used for avionics testing by Lockheed.
20NOV59 Ordered by ANSETT-ANA.
05JAN60 Purchased by ANSETT-ANA
28JAN60 N1883 (#2) de-registered. (Source: John Davis)
05FEB60 Handed over to ANSETT-ANA and registered VH-RMC same day. Departed Burbank via San Francisco, Honolulu, Canton Island and Nadi. To expedite delivery of this aircraft, additional crew were supplied by Lockheed to position the aircraft to Honolulu where an ANSETT-ANA crew were waiting. The Lockheed crew were Captains Davis and White and Flight Engineer Costa. They were assisted by ANSETT-ANA Navigator W.C. Kennedy. At San Francisco the flight was delayed by extremely strong headwinds.
07FEB60 Departed San Francisco for Honolulu, but an updated weather report received at the halfway point forced a return to San Francisco. En route to San Francisco, the crew were advised that San Francisco, Los Angeles and Burbank were now closed due to bad weather and that the nearest alternate was Las Vegas. En route to Las Vegas, Captain Davis took advantage of his local knowledge and was able to obtain a clearance for a visual approach to Burbank.
08FEB60 The flight resumed and succeeded in reaching Honolulu.
12FEB60 Arrived Essendon. Crew: Captains A. Lovell, D. Secombe and E. Mackay (also relief navigator), First Officer J. Delaney, Navigator W.C. Kennedy and Engineer C. Ford.
24FEB60 Entered service Melbourne to Sydney
06JUN61 Departed Melbourne for wing and engine mount modifications by Lockheed. Last Australian Electra to depart for modifications in USA. Routing via Nadi, Canton Island and Honolulu. Crew: Captains A. Lovell, R. Stanton and M. Wheaton, Navigator W.C. Kennedy and Engineer G. Lynch.
12JUN61 Entered LEAP as LEAP #166 ANA-3
*23JUN61 Returned to Essendon (Source: Ansett)
*30JUN61 Departed Burbank via Los Angeles, Honolulu, Canton Island and Suva. (Source: Gil White)
*03JUL61 Arrived in Melbourne. Crew: Captains M. Wheaton and U. Egerton, First Officer A. Groser, Navigator W.C. Kennedy and Engineer S. Smith. (Source: Gil White)
*05JUL61 Completed LEAP (Source: Lockheed)
Anomalous dates requiring resolution.
27MAR68 Became bogged at Rockhampton while taxying for take-off. Departed for Brisbane on 29MAR after one engine and prop were changed. (Source: Australian Air Log March 1968) Picture
30JUN69 Returned to Brisbane with hydraulic problems
27OCT69 Noted at Essendon after overhaul and repaint in Ansett Airlines of Australia colours
18DEC69 Registered to ATI
06MAY71 Operated last passenger service
08NOV71 Departed Melbourne for conversion to L-188AF freighter by Lockheed, Ontario, California. Planned route was Melbourne/Port Moresby/Wake Island/Honolulu but a failed generator necessitated a diversion to Brisbane where the problem was rectified and the flight resumed. Crew: Captains K. Hants, A. James and B. Porter, Engineer G. Lynch and Navigator B.S. McEwen.
12NOV71 Arrived Ontario.
30MAY72 Arrived Melbourne from Port Moresby after conversion completed. Known crew: Captain A. James and Engineer W. Ross.
31MAY72 Returned to service
11JAN82 Rolled out in the new Ansett colour scheme. (Source: Gil White)
31JAN84 Last service AN1403 Cairns-Brisbane-Melbourne (arrived Melbourne 01FEB84). Crew: Captain P. Macmillan, First Officer M. Zucal and Flight Engineer S.K. Finger. On departure from Cairns, the aircraft was given a water cannon salute by the fire service.
29JUN84 Sold to Turbo Power International
14SEP84 Cancelled from Australian register
20SEP84 Registered to Turbo Power International as N357Q
25SEP84 Departed Melbourne as N357Q on delivery to Turbo Power International Airways. Routing: Sydney/Nadi/Pago Pago/Hilo/San Francisco. Crew: Captains S. Clark and D. Brown, Flight Engineer J. D. Norton, Navigator B.S. McEwen and Engineer W. Clow.
09OCT84 Seen at Miami, Florida with CAM Air International titles
09JAN85 On approach to Kansas City Downtown Airport, the aircraft executed a missed approach. During the subsequent circuit, the air traffic controller cautioned the aircraft that it appeared to be lining up on the nearby Fairfax Airport. The aircraft initiated another missed approach with a steep climb to 3,100 feet. The aircraft stalled and entered a steep descent, impacting in a public water treatment plant. An examination of the wreckage revealed no evidence of an airframe or powerplant problem. Also there was no evidence that the cargo had shifted. The three crew were killed.
[Extracted from NTSB report DCA85AA009]

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