Type: L-188A / L-188AF Electra
MSN: 1047
Previous Identities: Nil
Subsequent Identities: N358Q


09DEC58 Ordered by ANSETT-ANA
28FEB59 First flight
01APR59 Purchased by ANSETT-ANA and handed over at Burbank
04APR59 Registered to ANSETT-ANA as VH-RMB
05APR59 Departed Burbank via San Francisco, Honolulu, Canton Island and Nadi.
08APR59 Arrived Essendon. Crew: Captains R. Sealey, N. Murdoch and J. McRobbie, Navigator W.C. Kennedy and Engineer Nealey.
16APR59 Entered service Essendon to Perth
22JUN59 ANSETT-ANA placed an advertisement in the Sydney Morning Herald on this date:

"Announcement to our patrons. ANSETT-ANA Electra refinement programme started yesterday. For the next 12 days only one Electra will operate and during that period, the other Electra schedules will be maintained by the all-new Viscount II's, jet-giants which also flew first for ANSETT-ANA. The Electra refinements are being carried out by our own engineering staff, assisted by Lockheed technicians. Engines will be uplifted 3 degrees, to eliminate even the slightest vibration and still further reduce the already low noise volume. On completion of this programme, the ANSETT-ANA Electras will be identical with the latest Electras now rolling off the Lockheed production line in Burbank, U.S.A. The ANSETT-ANA Electras will resume service well before any other Australian airline operates an Electra, and will be as modern as any Electra flying or about to enter service here or anywhere else in the world. Since March 18th., ANSETT-ANA Electras have carried 74,485 passengers on more than 1,000 inter-Capital flights. Most people prefer to walk the Golden Carpet to ANSETT-ANA Golden Jet Service."

The original thrust line was -1 degree so uptilting the engines by 3 degrees resulted in a thrust line of +2 degrees. Only VH-RMA and VH-RMB required this modification as all other Australian Electras were delivered with the modification incorporated on the production line.
01JUL59 A subsequent advertisement in the Sydney Morning Herald on this date announced that ANSETT-ANA's first "Electra Mk II" (VH-RMA) was back in service and that the second Electra (VH-RMB) would return to service on 4 July 1959. (Source: Fred Niven)
26APR61 Departed Essendon for Burbank (Source: Ansett- see below)
22MAY61 Entered LEAP as LEAP #152 ANA-2 (Source: Lockheed - see above)
23MAY61 Returned to Essendon after LEAP (Source: Ansett- see below)
10JUN61 Completed LEAP (Source: Lockheed - see above)
31JUL61 Delayed at Essendon due to a bomb hoax
09AUG61 Arrived at Sydney with a suspected bomb on board but it transpired that it was a hoax
18DEC69 Registered to ATI
02FEB71 Operated a route endorsement flight to Cocos Islands. Crew: Captains K. Hants and J. McRobbie.
06MAY71 Last passenger service
17JUN72 Departed Melbourne for conversion to L-188AF freighter by Lockheed, Ontario, California. Routing via Port Moresby, Wake Island and Honolulu. Crew: Captains B. Porter and I. Armstrong-Taylor, Flight Engineer P. Nash and Navigator W.C. Kennedy.
19JUN72 Arrived at Ontario.
06OCT72 Departed Ontario after freighter conversion.
10OCT72 Arrived Melbourne from Ontario via Hilo, Wake Island and Port Moresby. Crew: Captains K. Hants and B. Amundsen, Navigator W.C. Kennedy and Flight Engineer P. Straney.
19OCT72 Returned to service Melbourne to Launceston
15FEB82 The aircraft participated in a memorial flypast for Sir Reginald Ansett who passed away on 23DEC81. Crew: Captain D. Brown and First Officer R. Cook.
29JAN84 Last service AN1443 Melbourne-Hobart, AN1442 Hobart-Launceston-Melbourne. Crew: Captain R. McCrystal, First Officer P. Larrain and Flight Engineer K. Shirt. VH-RMB accumulated 53,886 hours with Ansett.
29JUN84 Sold to Turbo Power International
31AUG84 Cancelled from Australian register
12SEP84 Departed Melbourne as N358Q on delivery to Turbo Power International. Routing: Nadi, Faleolo, Hilo, San Francisco and Amarillo. Crew: Captains S. Clark and J.E. Rollston, Flight Engineer J.D. Norton and Navigator B.S. McEwen
MAR85 To JBQ Aviation Corporation, Miami, Florida
DEC85 Leased to Fred Olsen of Norway for approximately one month then returned to TPI
27OCT86 Leased to Fred Olsen of Norway
05DEC86 Returned to TPI
18MAY88 Seen at Miami leased to ALM
AUG89 Registered to TPI International Airways Inc, Miami, Florida
08APR92 Repossessed by Internationale Nederlanden Bank NV and sold to MCA Aviation Corporation and sold again to JBQ Aviation Corporation, Miami, Florida, all on the same day.
13OCT92 Seen at Opa Locka with new registration N358WS, ALM titles and no engines
DEC92 Reregistered N358Q to JBQ Aviation Corporation, Miami, Florida
09NOV96 Seen at Opa Locka missing many parts
JAN97 Cancelled from US register
25MAR97 Seen at Opa Locka with only top part of fuselage remaining

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