Type: L-188C / L-188CF Electra
MSN: 1112
Previous Identities: N129US
Subsequent Identities: N360Q
C-GYVI (Tanker 483)


26NOV58 Ordered by Northwest
25NOV59 First flight
15DEC59 Delivered to Northwest as N129US
28MAR61 Entered LEAP as LEAP #113 NWA-7
24APR61 Completed LEAP
20JAN70 Sold to International Skyways Inc
22APR70 Re-registered N777DP
04OCT71 Sold to Pignatari SA
29OCT71 Delivered to Pignatari SA, Rio de Janeiro as PT-DZK
75 Sold to Omni Aircraft Sales Inc as N8LG
DEC76 Sold to Wayne J. Hilmer
JAN77 Leased to Cathedral of Tomorrow Inc
JUN77 Visited Australia on an evangelical mission
05MAY78 Seen at Miami, Florida with COTE Inc
02SEP81 Seen at Fort Lauderdale, Florida with titles "The Rex Humbard Foundation" and registered to National Leasing Corporation, Pittsburgh
MAY85 Registered to JBQ Aviation Corp, Miami, Florida. Operated by TPI International Airways
18JUL85 Re-registered N360Q as L-188CF
06JUN89 Seen at Manchester, UK operating for Air Bridge Carriers. Named "Phyllis B"
AUG89 Registered to TPI International Airways Inc, Miami, Florida
12NOV89 Seen at Stansted, UK with Air Bridge Carriers and new registration N360WS
04AUG90 Arrived Ostend on lease to World Airline Gambia
17JAN91 Departed Ostend for Brunswick, Georgia via Keflavik
APR92 Registered to JBQ Aviation Corporation, Miami, Florida
11MAY92 Damaged at Opa Locka when Convair 580 N73107 collided with N360WS
30MAY92 Seen at Opa Locka with Air Bridge titles
13OCT92 Seen at Opa Locka with Air Bridge titles
28DEC92 Seen at Opa Locka with ex Air Bridge colour scheme and marked as N360Q
16AUG93 Arrived Edinburgh from Opa Locka
30SEP93 Seen at Helsinki with Channel Express titles
02DEC93 Seen at Helsinki with Air Atlantique titles
06SEP94 Ferried Reykjavik to East Midlands Airport and entered service with Hunting Cargo operating for DHL
29MAR96 Seen at Opa Locka all white with Charrak Air titles
22APR96 Arrived Cairns, Australia on delivery to Charrak Air. Routing Roswell, San Diego, Maui and Majuro
23APR96 Entered service with Charrak from Cairns to Honiara and return with tuna for Japanese market
JAN97 Was to become VH-CHM but not taken up
16JAN97 Departed Cairns on return to Roswell as N360Q
09FEB97 Arrived Bournemouth, UK on delivery to Channel Express
01AUG97 Rolled out at Coventry in full Channel Express colours
25JUL98 Ferried from Birmingham to Bournemouth and stored
10MAR99 Ferried from Bangor to Shannon on lease to Channel Express. Now owned by Renown Aviation.
23DEC99 Returned to Renown Aviation after lease. (Ref: AL407)
29DEC99 Departed Shannon with salvaged parts from N285F. (Ref: AL407)
03 Used in the John Travolta movie "Basic". See photo
23JAN03 Exported to Canada for Air Spray.
03APR03 Photographed at Jacksonville, still wearing the markings from the movie "Basic".
18SEP03 Registered C-GYVI to Air Spray (1967) Ltd., Red Deer, Alberta. The aircraft is marketed by Air Spray as a "Long Liner", a name derived from its ability to drop a long line of retardant.
OCT03 Ferried from Jacksonville to Air Spray's base at Red Deer.
21AUG04 Noted at Red Deer undergoing conversion to a tanker.
28DEC04 Report that the aircraft is presently with Aero Union at Chico, California for tank installation. Aircraft is expected to be completed in March 2005 and enter service as Tanker 83. Later Tanker 483.
27SEP07 Noted at Red Deer withdrawn from use. (AL 492/55)
2012 Stored at Red Deer after discovery of wing corrosion.

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Added an image of N8LG thanks to Geoff Goodall.
16 20APR19
Aircraft was stored at Red Deer in 2012 after discovery of wing corrosion. Source Ralph Pettersen.
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Added an image of N360Q in Charrak markings thanks to Ken Watson.
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Added a report that the aircraft is WFU.
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8 25FEB04
Added details of the delivery flight from Jacksonville to Red Deer thanks to Sean Keating.
7 28JAN04
Added an image of the aircraft as it appeared in the John Travolta movie "Basic" thanks to Pete Clukey.
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Added Canadian registration.
5 19JUN03
Added sale to Air Spray of Canada.

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