QANTAS L-188 Electra Crew

(November 1959 to March 1970)

by David Long



Bale J. I. 'Jack'
Balson. W. P. 'Bill'
Bird. A. J. 'Jack'
Bonney. A. M. 'Maurie'
Brown. S. D. 'Dennis'
Bryce. F. T. 'Freddy'
Burgess. M. 'Marsh'
Christensen. J. R. 'Ross'
Connolly. J. J. 'John'
Davenport. P. R. 'Phil'
Dennett. A. H. 'Alan'
Ditton. E. W. 'Ted'
Elliott. J. G. 'Jack' ('Humph')
Emmerick. A. F. 'Alan'
Fairservice. R. J. 'Dick'
Feathers. R. F. 'Dick'
Fox. C. G. 'Fred'
Furniss. F. S. 'Frank'
Furze. J. A. R. 'Alan'
Gay. A. L. 'Ash'
Goyne. G. C. 'Gus' (6)
Grey. J. L. 'Len'
Guthrie. F. M. 'Nick'
Halliday. C. 'Col'
Killingworth. W.A.S. 'Wal'
Margin. J. 'Jack'
Montagu. K. 'Ken'
Mullholland. J. 'John' / 'Dutch'
Nicholson. K. W. 'Ken'
Oakley. P. L. 'Phil'
Peake. C. W. 'Charles'
Pollock. J. C. 'Gentleman James'
Purkiss. L. W. 'Lionel Willy'
Quinn. G.H. 'George'
Rees. A. W. 'Aub'
Ross. J. K. 'Jock'
Schlink. H. J. 'John'
Selwyn. W. G. 'Bill'
Shannon. D. S. 'David'
Shipard. M. C. 'Merv'
Smithwell. A. J. 'Bert'
Stammer. M. F. J. 'Jack'
St. Leon. N. V. 'Val'
Taylor. H. W. 'Bill'
Treadgold. R. S. A. 'Ross'
Williams. R. B. 'Ron'


First Officers / Second Officers:

Alsop. J.C. 'John'
Anderson. N. F. 'Neil'
Archer. R. W. 'Dick'
Archbold. S. J. 'Stu'
Baily. K. J. 'Kevin'
Beresford. R. J. 'Richard' aka 'Dick' (12)
Bones. A. R. 'Alan'
Cameron. L. A. 'Lyn'
Carrick. R. M. 'Russ' (11)
Cilento. S. J. 'Sam'
Conway. J. 'Jim'
Cooper. L. D. 'Leigh' (13)
Cuthbertson. R. B. 'Rex'
Dann. R. D. 'Russ' (13)
Davenport. J. K. 'Ken'
Davidson. D. J. 'Don'
Dunne. R. A. 'Arch'
Eades. C. W. 'Clarrie'
Emsley. D. S.
Fairbairn. L. N. 'Les'
Frith. R. C. A. 'Dick'
Fulton. J. D. 'John'
Garrigan. J. A. 'John'
Gibb. R. S. 'Shaun'
Gillespie. A. F. 'Adam'
Griffin. B. A. 'Bryan' (9)
Grimes. R.U. 'Roger'
Haywood. L. L. 'Les'
Hale. G. 'George'
Healy H. R. 'Hal'
Heiniger. R. J. 'Ray'
Hoare. G. A. 'George'
Howells. A. D. 'David'
Hourigan. E. 'Ted'
Howie. J. C. 'Jim'
Johnston. J. C. 'Clyde'
Jones. H. E. 'Ted'
Lennon. N. J. 'Norm'
Leaver. R. E. 'Ron'
Lewis. R. 'Bob'
Long. H. D. 'David'
Macdonald. I. 'Ian'
Maher. B. J. 'Brian'
McBurnie. D. H. 'Don'
McKinlay. D. 'Don'
McMahon. D. F. 'Des'
McPhee. A. L. 'Sandy'
Moxham. P. 'Paul'
Murray-Leslie. N. R. 'Nick'
Neill. T. A. 'Terry'
O'Dwyer. K. A. 'Kev'
Porteils. A. J. F. 'Arch'
Powell. R. F. 'Ron'
Powell. T. W.
Richardson. M. T. 'Murray'
Ridgway. W. G. 'Glenn'
Riley. W. J. R.
Rodgers. R. D. J. B. 'Rodger'
Ross. A. 'Alan'
Sander. F. E. 'Frank'
Shrubb. D. G. 'David'
Smith. V. A. 'Vic'
Stanley. J. I. 'Joe'
Staples. R. P. 'Robin'
Steward. C. 'Chris' (6)
Sutcliffe. G. A. 'Gordon'
Symonds. L. M. 'Les'
Theodore. N. G. 'Norm'
Waites. R. H. 'Rob'
Wastell. R. F. 'Ron'
Weller. W. J. 'Sam'
Werrin. J. G. 'Gordon'
Westwood. G. A. 'Geoff'
Wickes. A. E. 'Aden'
Young. E. G. 'Ted'


Engineer Officers:

Allan. P. G. 'Peter' (7)
Anderson. R. C. 'Ron'
Argue. R. 'Ross' (7)
Artingstall. W. M. 'Bill' (7)
Barker. L. W. 'Leo' (2)
Beecroft. L. G. 'Laurie' ("Beetles") (2)
Black. J. D. 'Jim' (7)
Blakeley. G. L. 'Geoff' (7)
Brady. A. 'Alan'
Braithwaite. B. P. 'Brian' (2)
Broadwood. R. L. 'Len' (2)
Carr. J. R. 'John'
Chuter. E. W. A. 'Eric' (2)
Collis. D. W. 'Darcy' (7)
Cranch. D. L. 'Don'
Croft. F.T. 'Freddy'
Dinnis. G. B. 'Geoff'
Drinkall. J. C. 'Jack'
Drinkwater. R. W. 'Ron' (7)
Fallows. J. E. M. 'Rex'
Fields. P. G. S. 'Peter' (7)
Forsythe. A. J. 'Alan' (4)
Frederick. P.C. 'Peter' (3)
Gocher. B. 'Bernie'
Gough. G. A. 'Graham' (7)
Gunn. A.G. 'Athol' (7)
Hamburg. H. J. D. M. 'Hank' (7)
Hansen. A. R. 'Alan' (7)
Harget. G. B. 'George'
Harper. L. J. 'Len' (7)
Hawes. D. A. 'Don' (2)
Hawkes. L. K. 'Leslie' (7)
Hebron. G. H. 'Bert'
Heenan. P. F. 'Phil' (7)
Hendy. B. C. 'Barry'
Herbert. W. H. 'Bill'
Hopkins. G. 'Gordon'
Jackson. E. R. 'Ernest' (7)
Lawrance. B. A. 'Bruce'
Lacey. G. 'George' (2)
Leckie. J. W. 'Jim'
Little. D. B. 'Dave' (2)
Mapstone. E. 'Ted'
McKay. R. A. 'Ron'
McLean. I. R. 'Ian'
Muir. J. 'John'
Osmond. G. V. 'George' (7)
Pavilack. D. D. W. 'Des'
Pentecost. K. W. 'Keith' (7)
Pitman. J. J. 'John'
Roberts. A. 'Alan' (5)
Ross. G. D. 'Gordon' (7)
Roulstone. R. B. 'Bob' (7)
Ryan. N. P. 'Noel' (2)
Senior. I. F. 'Bill'
Stringer. L. J. 'Les' (7)
Tennent. N. G. 'Noel' (7)
Thompson. O. A. 'Owen' (2)
Trass. A. N. 'Alan' (7)
Traynor. R. 'Ron'
West. B. G. 'Bruce' (7)
Williams. C. D. 'Col'
Williamson. J. W. 'John'



Adams-Acton. A. J. 'Andy'
Allan. J. E.
Allison. A. A. 'Angus'
Amos. H. J. 'Jim'
Anderson. J. W.
Armstrong. E. N. 'Eric'
Bain. D. N. 'Doug'
Bartsch. H. J. 'Joe'
Berry. G. D. T. 'George'
Blackstone. A. B. 'Barrie' (8)
Bracker. M. E. 'Lofty'
Brearley J. H. 'Jack'
Bromley. W. M. 'Wal'
Brown. C. J.
Brown. E. J.
Brown. W. G.
Brownlie. R. S. 'Roy'
Bullen. C. 'Clive'
Burns. J.
Cameron. A. D. 'Alan'
Carter. R. P.
Chilvers. H. R. 'Ray'
Cook. B. C. 'Bruce'
Coote. J. A. C.
Cousins. K. M. 'Keith'
Dawson. H. E. 'Ed'
Dawson. J. L.
Dibble. A. G.
Ellis. J. A. 'Joe'
Eneberg. B. S. 'Bill'
Fancourt. G. L. 'Geoff'
Fawcett. H. 'Harry'
Forbes. R. N. 'Bob'
Gardiner. W. J.
Geary. R. G. F. 'Gerry'
Gee. I. S. 'Ian'
George. D. J. 'David'
Goodwin. R. G. 'Gordon'
Gustin. F. R. 'Gus'
Harrison. J. D. 'John'
Harrop. J. B. 'John'
Hartman. J. D. 'Jerry'
Hatton. K. H. 'Ken'
Hellyer. L. W.
Hewitt. M. M. 'Max'
Hill. P. E.
Hills. J. E. 'Jack'
Hobbs. J. J. 'John'
Hogg. J. D.
Hope. R. C. 'Dick'
Hughes. A. J. 'Alan'
Hughes. D. Q. 'Douglas Quentin'
Jackson. R. T.
Jobson. P. R. 'Peter'
Kitchen. F. R. 'Ray'
Kitchen. G. N. 'Geoff'
Lanyon. G. W. 'Gordon'
Legg. A. J. 'Bert'
Lynch. B.C. 'Barry'
Martin. R. J.
Maddock. J. P.
McLaren. B. D. 'Bruce'
McNeil. L. S. 'Les'
Meers. C. G. 'Clarrie'
Melhuish. W. T. 'Bill'
Miles. G. A.
Milner. A. 'Alan'
Murray. A. G. 'Alan'
Newton. J. W. 'John'
Nolan. D. C. 'Doug'
Oliphant. D. C. 'Clive'
O'Hara. M. R. 'Max'
O'Toole. W. G. 'Paddy'
Parsons. G. H. 'Greg'
Pettit. G. E. 'Geoff'
Peut. B. N.
Pike. B. 'Bruce'
Plews. E. R. 'Ross'
Pretty. W. I. 'Ivan'
Pugh. A. H. N.
Reid. R. A.
Ricketts. H. C. 'Harry'
Sales. L. V. 'Len'
Savage. R. H. 'Bob'
Sercombe. D. G. 'Dave'
Seymour. H. A. 'Harry'
Sherwin. R. R. 'Ray'
Short. W. B. 'Bob'
Snellgrove. G. B.
Steley. D. R. 'Doug'
Sullivan. D. J.
Sutherland. I. W. 'Ian'
Sylvander. V. K. 'Keith'
Tooher. R. C. 'Dick' (14)
Walsh. I. M. 'Ian'
Williams. S. D. W.
Wilson. W. W.
Woodford. B. D.
Woods. J. 'John'
Woods. W. J. 'Bill'



This list is far from exhaustive, and my memory may fail me on some issues, but I had the pleasure of crewing this type for most of its productive Qantas years on the Far East, Tasman and Pacific Island, and South African Routes, and various charters including the famous 'Royal Thai Flight of Australasia.'

Note on Navigators:
Navigators were rarely listed as type specific, and being Nav qualified myself, I had much to do with most of the navs, being their certified relief, and subject to the same cycle of renewal requirements. Navs generally were multi-skilled, and would leap from Electra to 707 without missing a beat. Both aircraft shared the Kollsman Periscopic Sextant as a prime means of navigation over water. Not so those tied to the DC-4, which had the earlier Astro Compass for the job, and was a specialist's device. Accordingly, all navigators from the period have been included in the list on the assumption that all would have crewed on the Electra at least once. There might be some on the list that never crewed the Electra, but I'm sure to have listed most who did.

H. David Long
28 February 2006.

Flight Staff Disposition List #8 of 15 April 1960
Flight Staff Disposition List #11 of 01 June 1960
Flight Staff Disposition List Period commencing 18 December 1967
Qantas Airways Pilots' Seniority List, #1 of 17 November 1967
Flight Operations Newsletters
Retirement notices to year 2000
Personal Log Book of Capt H.D. Long.


Any additions or corrections will be most welcome and these should be forwarded to the Webmaster. Please be sure to include the aircraft type and operator as the Webmaster maintains several of these crew lists. Obviously, it has not been possible to seek the approval of every person on this list, so in the unlikely event that any person does not wish to be included in such distinguished company, that person's wishes will be respected. Please advise the Webmaster.

Issue Date Remarks
14 17MAR21
Advice received from Jane Tooher that her father, Richard (Dick) Tooher, (navigator) passed away on March 6, 2021 aged 88 years.
13 01JUL09
Russ Dann advises that his correct initials are R.D. and I figure he should know. He also advises that L.D. Cooper is Leigh not Lee.
12 26JUN09
Alan Trass advises that F/O R.J. Beresford was generally known as Dick.
11 22JUN09
Alan Trass advises that F/O R.M. Carrick was known as Russ.
10 07SEP07
Ron K. Campbell has confirmed that neither he nor Reg C. Campbell were operating crew on the Electra although Ron Campbell was a Senior Instructor, Ground Training on the L-188C. Please refer to Update #7 in which Ron Campbell was originally erroneously listed as R.W. Campbell.
9 02JUN07
Bryan Griffin has highlighted a spelling error with his first name. This has been corrected.
8 25MAR07
Josette Mathers (nee Blackstone) advises that her father Alfred Barrie Blackstone originally worked for BCPA, then PIA, then Qantas until about 1975. He passed away on 24MAR04. Although he was already on the list of Navigators, the spelling of his name has been corrected from Barry to Barrie.
7 30SEP06
Added the following E/O thanks to Colin Lock.

Allan P G 'Peter'
Argue R 'Ross'
Artingstall W M 'Bill'
Black J D 'Jim'
Blakeley G L 'Geoff'
Collis D W 'Darcy'
Drinkwater R W 'Ron'
Fields P G S 'Peter'
Gough G A 'Graham'
Gunn A G 'Athol'
Hamburg H J D M 'Hank'
Hansen A R 'Alan'
Harper L J 'Len'
Hawkes L K 'Leslie'
Heenan P F 'Phil'
Jackson E R 'Ernest'
Osmond G V 'George'
Pentecost K W 'Keith'
Ross G D 'Gordon'
Roulstone R B 'Bob'
Stringer L J 'Les'
Tennent N G 'Noel'
Trass A N 'Alan'
West B G 'Bruce'

On the advice of Colin Lock, the following E/O have been deleted:

Campbell R C is 'Reg' and neither he nor Campbell R K 'Ron' were on the L188C according to the disposition lists. Reg went from the L1049 to the B707 and Ron returned to the ground from the L1049 in 1958. (Refer Update #10)

Webster M 'Mark' I believe was a pilot, so far I haven't seen a Webster as a FE.
6 08APR06
Gus Goyne moved from the F/O list to the Captains list.
Added S/O Chris Steward who advises he was the last Qantas pilot to be endorsed on the Electra. Chris has provided the following dates from his log book.
19MAY69 First day in the simulator.
18AUG69 First flight (with Maurie Bonney).
27MAR70 Last flight out of Essendon (to WLG & SYD) with Dick Feathers and Norm Theodore.
29MAR70 Last flight out of SYD (to WLG & SYD) with Dave Shannon.
5 18MAR06
Added E/O Alan Roberts. Contributed by Colin Frederick.
4 14MAR06
Added first name for E/O Alan Forsythe.
3 13MAR06
Added E/O Peter Frederick, contributed by Colin Frederick.
2 08MAR06
Added several first names to the Engineers list in consultation with Norm King.
1 01MAR06
Original issue compiled by David Long

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