Type: L-12A Electra Junior
MSN: 1262
Previous Identities: 38-545 (USAAC)
N712EM (in error?)
Subsequent Identity: TBA
Owner: Rob Broek, Wanaka, NZ.


23MAR39 Delivered to the USAAC as a C-40A.
JAN43 Reclassified as a UC-40A.
  Sold to the Pure Oil Co of Chicago as NC48471.
  Re-registered N37P to the Pure Oil Co.
  Re-registered N299A.
  Re-registered N712FM to A.D. Rhoades, Galveston, Texas.
  Sold to Keystone Builders Supply, Oklahoma City.
by JAN67 Sold to Larry Gulliher, Oklahoma City.
  Sold to Mustang Enterprises, Houston, Texas.
  Sold to Larry Gulliher, Oklahoma City.
by JUL69 Sold to Aircraft and Engine Enterprises, Moore, Oklahoma.
  Sold to William J. Haynes, Oklahoma City.
by 77 Sold to Donald R. Eyre, Sandy, Oregon.
AUG78 Photographed at Moses Lake marked as N712EM. Image
byAUG81 To Donald R. Eyre, Moses Lake, Washington.
82 Sold to Ray Piggott of Mareeba, QLD for $34,000.00.
JUN82 Arrived in Cairns, QLD. Delivery was delayed more than one week by engine failure at Majuro*, Marshall Islands. Replacement engine was flown out from the U.S. Mr Piggott had intended to operate a charter/air safari business as "Air Heart Safaris" but this did not eventuate. The aircraft was based at Mareeba and used occasionally for parachuting, retaining its American registration. As a visiting foreign registered aircraft, N712FM had to be "exported" and "imported" annually. To satisfy this requirement, the aeroplane was flown to Port Moresby and back to Mareeba.

* This was originally reported as happening in Nauru but an article by Ray Piggott in the Mareeba Northern Star of April 2005 states that the engine failure occurred during the run-up prior to departure from Majuro.
OCT83 Last flown and stored at Mareeba.
17JUL87 Cancelled from the U.S. Register.
16SEP87 Registered VH-HID to J.J. Rundell of Greenwood WA.
26OCT87 Ferried to Jandakot (Perth) via Alice Springs.
02FEB89 Registered to Australian Aircraft Sales Pty Ltd, Mascot, NSW. (John Conley)
30DEC97 Registered to International Jetairline Sales Pty Ltd, Mascot, NSW.
SEP98 Being operated out of Albury by John Love.
OCT98 Returned to Broken Hill.
19DEC01 Registered to Australian Aircraft Sales (NSW) Pty Ltd, Sydney Airport, NSW.
11SEP06 John Conley passed away.
09AUG07 Change of ownership to Doug Hamilton of Whorouly, Vic. The aircraft is stored at Albury pending construction of a hangar at Whorouly. (Source: Australian Aviation, Oct 07)
17NOV14 The aircraft was painted in USAAC markings for an appearance in the movie Unbroken which premiered in Sydney on this date.
Departed Wangaratta for Taree and Lord Howe Island flown by Doug Hamilton and Stephen Death.
Departed Lord Howe Island for Norfolk Island and Auckland.
Departed Auckland for Timaru and Wanaka on delivery to its new owner, Rob Broek of Wanaka NZ.

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