VH-UZP Ansalanta

Type: L-10B Electra
MSN: 1109
Previous Identities: Nil
Subsequent Identities: Nil


JUN37 First flown at Burbank.
17JUL37 Export CofA No E-2897 issued.
22SEP37 Arrived at Port Melbourne as crated deck cargo on the S.S. "Wairuna".
23SEP37 Registration application by Ansett Airways Ltd., Essendon.
21OCT37 CofR No 668 and CofA No 625 issued to Ansett Airways as VH-UZP. Named "Ansalanta" in Ansett service.
01MAR39 Pilot's hatch blew off in flight after departing Parafield. The aircraft returned to Parafield for temporary repairs before continuing to Sydney.
(Capt Neville Jackson).
12DEC40 While en route Adelaide-Sydney the aircraft landed at Wagga Wagga with an engine on fire. The fire was extinguished by an RAAF fire tender. Electra VH-UZO positioned from Melbourne to uplift the passengers.
(Capt J.M. Presgrave).
04JAN41 Force landed at Mildura with engine trouble.
(Capt R.A. Meates).
MAR42 Participated (along with VH-UZO) in the evacuation of Broome and Darwin after enemy air raids.
JUN42 Ansett ceased commercial operations and leased VH-UZP (and VH-UZO) to the USAAF. Operated Melbourne-Cairns and Melbourne-Darwin.
15OCT42 From this date flights terminated in Sydney and visited Melbourne only occasionally. Based Sydney on charter to U.S. Army Services of Supply (USASOS) normally on the Sydney-Townsville run.
13MAR43 Forced landing at Mascot due engine trouble.
(Capt Gatenby, F/O Searley).
16APR43 Forced landing at Mascot with an unfastened cowling.
(Capt F. Cook, F/O T. Cleary).
24APR43 Forced landing at Mascot with an overspeeding engine.
(Capt D. Ditchburn, F/O T. Cleary).
07JUN43 Forced landing at Townsville with a rough engine.
(Capt A.A.E. Yates, F/O L. Bradbury).
19AUG43 Forced landing at Archerfield with a loose cowling.
(Capt J. McLaughlin, F/O G. Moreland).
09SEP43 Forced landing at Mascot with radio trouble.
(Capt D.A. Ditchburn, F/O C. Fischer).
26SEP43 Forced landing at Townsville with engine trouble.
(Capt J. Presgrave, F/O F. Corder).
22OCT43 Forced landing at Archerfield with overspeeding engine.
(Capt C. Gatenby, F/O A. Mogg).
22NOV43 Starboard engine was running roughly after landing at Rockhampton.
(Capt J. Presgrave, F/O C. Eather).
20DEC43 Forced landing at Mascot with an engine overheating.
(Capt R. Sealey, F/O S. Johannesson).
19JAN44 Forced landing at Bundaberg with engine trouble.
(Capt J. presgrave, F/O A. Tosh).
24JAN44 Forced landing at Townsville due starboard engine failed ten minutes after departure.
(Capt C. Gatenby, F/O S. Johannesson).
18FEB44 Forced landing at Archerfield due oil pressure.
(Capt R. Sealey, F/O L. Bradbury).
02JUL44 Forced landing at Mascot with engine trouble.
(Capt H. Broadbent, F/O L. Bradbury).
08AUG44 Unscheduled landing at Mascot with rough right engine. Capt B. Boardman, F/O Cleary and 6 passengers. (NAA via G. Goodall)
21NOV44 Forced landing on Narrabeen Beach, Sydney due engine trouble shortly after departure from Mascot on the scheduled USASOS run to Townsville. There were no injuries to the eight passengers and two crew. The aircraft was damaged while being dragged from the incoming tide by a tractor which broke off the tailwheel. The aircraft was dismantled and trucked to Mascot for repair.
(Capt H.F. Broadbent, F/O C. Eather).
45 At the end of hostilities, the aircraft was returned to commercial service with Ansett Airways.
16MAY46 Flew into the ground in heavy rain near Virginia, S.A. while on an instrument approach to Parafield. The aircraft came to rest inverted and severely damaged with both engines ripped out. There were only minor injuries to the twelve on board and indeed all walked away from the accident. The beginnings of a fire were extinguished by one of the passengers with mud from the sodden paddock! The aircraft was struck off the Register on the same day. It is reported that the rear fuselage was in use as a pigeon loft on a property near Parafield until at least the mid 1950s.

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