VH-UZN Ansirius

Type: L-10B Electra
MSN: 1106
Previous Identities: Nil
Subsequent Identities: Nil


37 Built at Burbank.
30JUL37 Import licences granted to Ansett Airways for three L10B.
09AUG37 Unloaded from S.S. "Mirrabooka" at Victoria Dock, Melbourne along with VH-UZO and taken to Essendon for assembly.
13AUG37 Registration application from Ansett Airways Ltd, Essendon.
31AUG37 Test flown at Essendon (35 minutes).
03SEP37 CofR No 657 and CofA No 614 issued to Ansett as VH-UZN. Named "Ansirius" in Ansett service.
06SEP37 Entered service on the Melbourne-Broken Hill route.
04OCT37 Transferred to the Melbourne-Sydney route.
30OCT37 Returned to the Melbourne-Broken Hill route.
(Total Time: 243 hours 5 minutes).
20DEC37 Returned to the Melbourne-Sydney route after both engines were changed.
28DEC37 Transferred to the Adelaide-Narrandera route.
29JAN38 Flown to Melbourne and Broken Hill.
(Total Time: 714 hours 20 minutes).
31JAN38 Returned to the Broken Hill-Melbourne route.
26FEB38 Based at Melbourne.
28FEB38 Returned to service on the Melbourne-Sydney route after both engines were changed.
16MAR38 Last regular run to Sydney.
(Total Time: 951 hours 25 minutes).
MAR38 Operated local flights out of Melbourne.
17MAR38 From this date the aircraft operated on various routes.
12SEP38 After operating Sydney-Adelaide-Melbourne the aircraft entered the hangar for a CofA inspection.
(Total Time: 1,977 hours 10 minutes).
13SEP38 Returned to service on the Melbourne-Broken Hill route.
27FEB39 The aircraft operated what was to be its last flight, Melbourne-Broken Hill-Melbourne after which the port engine was changed.
28FEB39 Destroyed along with three other Ansett aircraft in a hangar fire at Essendon.
(Total Time: 3,125 hours 10 minutes).
28FEB39 Struck off the Australian Register.

Much of the above material was extracted by John Hopton from the Aircraft Log Book of VH-UZN.

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