VH-EAP Southern Zephyr


Type: L-1049G-82-153 Super Constellation
MSN: 4680
Subsequent Identities: N9723C


57 Built as L-1049G-82-153.
08NOV57 First flown.
19NOV57 Accepted by Qantas as "Southern Zephyr".
20NOV57 CofR No 2880 issued to Qantas Empire Airways as VH-EAP. Export CofA No E-28735 issued.
21NOV57 Delivered from Burbank to San Francisco.
23NOV57 Departed San Francisco on a proving flight to New York, Gander and London and return. (Capt R.F. Uren).
03DEC57 Departed San Francisco on delivery to Sydney via Honolulu.
05DEC57 Arrived Sydney. Total Time: 107:12.
30DEC57 Entered service (to Hong Kong).
14JAN58 Departed Melbourne on Qantas' inaugural round-world service via the "Kangaroo Route". (Capt J.P. Brodie). See also VH-EAO which departed at the same time in the opposite direction via the "Southern Cross" route.
20JAN58 Returned to Sydney. Flying Time: 128 hours.
14NOV58 Damaged in heavy landing short of runway at Nadi. The aircraft was later ferried to Sydney for repairs.
15DEC58 Test flown after repairs.
03OCT59 Departed Sydney on its last Qantas service (to Johannesburg).
23OCT59 Sold to Lockheed. Total Time: 5,765:16. Landings: 916.
25OCT59 Departed Sydney on delivery to Ontario.
27OCT59 Arrived Ontario. (Capt A.F. Emmerick).
05NOV59 Cancelled from Australian Register. Re-registered N9723C.
59 Leased to Resort Airlines late in 59 until JUN60 when the airline ceased operations.
JUL60 Seen stored at Oakland in Resort colours.
AUG60 Leased to Twentieth Century Airlines by this date until 61.
61 Seen stored at Lockheed Aircraft Service, Ontario in Twentieth Century colours by late 61.
62 Unconfirmed lease to Capitol Airways.
JUN63 Returned to Lockheed by this date and used as a company aircraft until approximately 70.
12DEC70 Sold to California Airmotive Corp/American Jet Industries.
MAY71 Stored at Fox Field, Lancaster, California by this date.
18JUL71 N9723C appeared at an unlimited air race meeting in San Diego, California. Carrying California Airmotive titles, the race number 64c and the name "Red Baron" on the nose, the Connie was intended to compete with a DC-7B named "Super Snoopy". Flown by Allen Paulson (owner of California Airmotive), Herman "Fish" Salmon (famed Lockheed test pilot) and Chuck Mercer (experienced Connie flight engineer), the "Red Baron" participated in qualifications, rounding the pylons at 200 feet! Sadly, the Connie Racer was reluctantly withdrawn from further racing as a result of pleas from the pilots of lesser aeroplanes such as Mustangs and Bearcats, concerned about the effects of wake turbulence from the Connie and the DC-7 circulating around the pylons. Subsequently the aircraft was returned to storage at Burbank.
See What Might Have Been.
NOV71 For a planned appearance in a movie, the Connie was given a Concorde-like pointed nose and small round cabin windows in the forward fuselage. The aircraft carried "Global" titles and the inscription "The Condor - A Product of Great Britain".
02OCT72 Registered to Stereo Vision International Inc.
01NOV72 On or about this date, the aircraft made several short flights, including one to Long Beach in connection with the proposed movie. The aircraft was captained by "Fish" Salmon. Ultimately the project was abandoned and the aircraft was returned to California Airmotive.
JUL74 The aircraft was scrapped at Burbank. Ironically, the tip tanks from the scrapped N9723C were later acquired by Duncan Baker for fitment to that other colourful ex-Qantas Connie, N11SR!
See VH-EAB #2
JAN75 Cancelled from the U.S. Register at the request of California Airmotive.

Why LAV Tip Tanks?

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Added two images of N9723C in its SST configuration. Thanks to Paul Zogg of Zoggavia. Image 1 Image 2
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