VH-EAN Southern Tide

Type: L-1049H-82-133 Super Constellation
MSN: 4803
Subsequent Identities: N7777C


56 Built as L-1049H-82-133.
08NOV56 First flown.
12NOV56 CofR No 2851 issued to Qantas Empire Airways as VH-EAN.
12NOV56 Export CofA No E-28720 issued.
15NOV56 Accepted by Qantas as VH-EAN "Southern Tide".
18NOV56 Departed Burbank on delivery to Sydney via Honolulu, Canton Island and Nadi.
20NOV56 Arrived Sydney. Flight Time: 29:09. Total Time: 40:44.
01DEC56 Entered service (to Singapore).
07DEC56 Damaged at Biak during unloading of an R-3350 engine for a stranded KLM L-1049. The aircraft tipped on its tail damaging the rudders.
28JAN57 Withdrawn from service for fitment of weather radar.
02MAR57 Returned to service.
09MAR58 Departed Sydney for Perth carrying cowls for VH-EAI.
28OCT59 Withdrawn from service to be stripped of passenger fittings for freight operations.
03NOV59 Returned to service as a freighter (to London).
25OCT61 Departed Sydney on its last Qantas service (to London). Withdrawn from service for "A" overhaul on return.
28NOV61 During maintenance at Sydney the port main gear retracted and the No 1 fuel tank was pierced by a wing jack.
08JUL62 Test flown after repairs.
11JUL62 Departed Sydney on delivery to Ontario via Nadi and Honolulu.
13JUL62 Arrived Ontario. Flight Time: 28:38. (Capt J.M. Hampshire).
24JUL62 Cancelled from Australian Register on sale to Air New Mex Inc as N7777C. Total Time: 13,320:24.
62 Stored at Burbank and converted to L-1049H-04.
MAR63 Unconfirmed lease to Alaska Airlines for one month.
JUL63 Noted in storage at Burbank.
19MAY64 Leased to Alaska Airlines.
31DEC64 Change of ownership to International Aerodyne Inc although lease to Alaska Airlines continued.
17APR67 Damaged beyond repair at Kotzebue, Alaska. Undercarriage failed to extend properly and collapsed on landing. Aircraft used for parts.
78 Noted at Kotzebue complete with wings and tail on a mound of earth. Still in Alaska Airlines colours but with titles "The Flying Martini Inc" being used as a bar.
SEP80 Broken up at Kotzebue.
08SEP81 The remains were photographed on the Kotzebue town tip.

Issue Date Remarks
4 03AUG22
Added an image of VH-EAN with all Qantas markings removed prior to sale. Thanks to Eric Allen.
3 28JAN17
Added an image of the remains of the aircraft on the Kotzebue tip. Thanks to Geoff Goodall.
2 25FEB16
Revised presentation of type.
1 06JAN00
Original issue.

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