VH-EAD Charles Kingsford Smith


Type: L-749-79-31 Constellation
L-749A-79 Constellation (converted)
MSN: 2573
Subsequent Identities: XA-LIP


47 Built as L-749-79-31.
10MAR47 Registered to Qantas Empire Airways as VH-EAD. CofR No 1198.
10OCT47 Accepted by Qantas as VH-EAD "Charles Kingsford Smith".
17OCT47 Export CofA No E-14759 issued.
25OCT47 Departed Burbank on delivery to Australia.
27OCT47 Arrived Sydney.
06NOV47 Entered service.
01DEC47 Operated the inaugural Qantas L-749 service from Sydney to London. Captains K.G. Jackson and A.A.E. Yates.
05DEC47 Arrived London. Flying Time 59 hours 7 minutes.
30AUG50 Departed Sydney on first regular service through Djakarta to London.
26FEB51 Withdrawn from service for conversion to L-749A-79 with higher all up weight.
09MAR51 Returned to service.
17JUL51 Fuselage painted with white top and red cheatline.
21JUL51 Repaint completed.
25JUL52 Departed Sydney on proving flight to South Africa. Capt K.G. Jackson.
07AUG52 Returned to Sydney from South Africa.
01SEP52 Departed Sydney on the inaugural South African service via Melbourne, Perth, Cocos Islands, Mauritius and Johannesburg. Capt J. Connolly. Flying Time: 39 hours 17 minutes.
09SEP52 Returned to Sydney. Flying Time: 34 hours 41 minutes.
02MAR53 Wing tip collided with rudder of Butler DC-3 at Sydney.
25AUG54 Departed Sydney on its first Tourist service to London.
15DEC54 Departed Sydney on its first service to Tokyo.
22SEP55 A Qantas memo of this date states: "VH-EAD Planned departure 1/11 at 1000L EM732.043D Captain B Fawcett, F/O L Bray, S/O H G Carter, N/O Seymour, R/O Dillon, E/O A T Strong, E/O B Costello." (Source: Qantas Heritage Collection via Colin Lock)
20OCT55 Operated the last scheduled Qantas L-749 service (to Johannesburg).
25OCT55 Returned to Sydney.
31OCT55 Sold to Aerovias Guest SA (Mexico). Total Time: 19,963.
02NOV55 Added to Mexican register as XA-LIP. Departed Sydney on delivery to Mexico City.
05NOV55 Arrived Mexico City.
07NOV55 Cancelled from the Australian Register.
JUN62 Sold to California Airmotive Corp and re-registered N9733Z.
SEP62 Noted stored at Burbank.
AUG63 Stored at Long Beach by this date.
JAN65 Flown to Fox Field, Lancaster, California by this date.
AUG66 Engineless and derelict by this date.
NOV71 Only the fuselage remained lying on the ground by this date. Scrapped shortly afterwards.

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