VH-EAC Southern Wave


Type: L-1049E-82-140 Super Constellation
L-1049E/01-82 Super Constellation (converted)
L-1049G/02-82 Super Constellation (converted)
MSN: 4606
Subsequent Identities: Nil


55 Built as L-1049E-55 but converted to L-1049E-82-140 on the production line.
08OCT55 First flown.
14OCT55 CofR No 2827 issued to Qantas Empire Airways as VH-EAC.
20OCT55 Accepted by Qantas as VH-EAC "Southern Wave". Export CofA No E-27697 issued same day.
22OCT55 Departed Burbank on delivery to Sydney.
25OCT55 Arrived Sydney. Flight Time 27:52. Total Time 36:13.
22NOV55 Entered service (to Tokyo).
03APR56 Withdrawn from service for fitment of weather radar.
  Converted to L-1049E/01-82 probably at this time.
29APR56 Returned to service.
16NOV57 Withdrawn from service for "B" overhaul and conversion to L-1049G/02-82 and fitment of tip tanks.
11DEC57 Returned to service.
08AUG59 Departed Vancouver for Canberra with Princess Alexandra.
25SEP59 Departed Canberra for Bangkok with Princess Alexandra.
30NOV59 Departed Sydney for Brisbane, Darwin, Djakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Butterworth, Kuala Lumpur, Cocos Islands, Perth and Canberra with Prime Minister R.G. Menzies. Returned to Canberra 14DEC59. (Captain A.J. Rayment)
22MAY60 Operated a TAA charter from Sydney to Brisbane.
20AUG60 Departed Sydney for Johannesburg.
24AUG60 Crashed on take-off at Mauritius en route Cocos Islands. Because of a power drop on number three engine, the take-off was aborted before V1. The aircraft skidded off the end of the wet runway and the port undercarriage collapsed. All passengers and crew were successfully evacuated before the aircraft was destroyed by fire. Of the 38 passengers and 12 crew, 16 passengers and 4 crew suffered minor injuries.
Captain E. Ditton
First Officer S.D. Patrick
Second Officer R. Miller
Second Officer G. Quinn
Navigation Officer L. Sales
Radio Officer S. Hocking
Engineer Officer M. Pickens
Engineer Officer E. Chuter
Flight Steward P. McGann
Flight Steward A. Mackie
Flight Steward N. Foster
Flight Hostess M. Stewart-Dawson
25AUG60 Qantas Super Constellation VH-EAK departed Sydney for Mauritius to uplift the passengers from VH-EAC. One passenger remained in hospital in Mauritius with a compound fracture of the leg. All crew remained in Mauritius for the inquiry.
AUG60 VH-EAC was struck off the Australian Register.
Total Time 13,842 hours.

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