The caption on the reverse of the photo reads: * 'Among the notables arriving from Australia this afternoon on the liner Monterey were (left to right) Capt. Carl Browne Squier, general manager of the Lockheed Aircraft Corp.; Sir Chas. Kingsford-Smith, noted flyer and Fred G. Davies, executive of the General Petroleum Corp. 5/19/34'

* NOTE: The above caption was amended on 23JAN08 on the advice of Christopher Jones who is a grandson of Carl Squier. The caption on the reverse of the photo had Davies on the left and Squier on the right. This transposition has now been corrected. Also Carl Squier's middle name has been added and the spelling of his surname is now shown correctly although the original caption spells it incorrectly.

Given the date 19 May 1934, Smithy would have been arriving in the United States to take delivery of the Altair. Although the caption implies that Messrs Squier and Davies arrived on the Monterey, it is more likely that they were just meeting Smithy on arrival at Long Beach.

Picture: Tim Kalina Collection