The origin of this P-3 fin and rudder displayed at RAAF Edinburgh has been the subject of much conjecture. It was originally believed to have come from P-3C A9-754 which ditched at Cocos Islands. However, the presence of other parted out Orion airframes at Edinburgh led to the belief that it was more likely from P-3B 152760. Another possibility was P-3B A9-300 which had been destroyed by fire but the fin from this aircraft has been located elsewhere at Edinburgh. More recently, an Orion fin was noted in storage at Edinburgh. This fin carried over-painted markings which suggested that it came from the P-3B "parts ship" 152760.

UPDATE May 2005:
It has been confirmed by an informed source that this fin and rudder did come from the crashed A9-754. Although thought had been given to keeping it as a spare, this was not proceeded with because of its prolonged exposure to salt water.

Photo: Richard Siudak.