AP-3C A9-752 photographed at RAAF Edinburgh, SA on 27 October 2007. Having gone to extraordinary lengths to deidentify a grey aeroplane in a grey environment, it then becomes necessary to make the aeroplane identifiable to its crew. This is achieved with a dayglo "glove" fitted over the nose landing gear door. This glove bears the last three of the aircraft's serial and, like other dayglo appendages, is a "Remove Before Flight" item. It is assumed that the ground crew have fitted the correct glove! With the AP-3C Orion presumably relinquishing any clandestine ELINT roles to the E-7A Wedgetail which is now in service, many admirers of Lockheed's maritime surveillance masterpiece must be hoping that the Orions might be allowed to carry some colour in their twilight years as they are about to be replaced by the Boeing P-8A Poseidon. (This Webmaster editorial does not necessarily reflect the views of the photographer although it is suspected that this view is shared by any photographer who has attempted to capture these elegant aeroplanes in the grey years!)
Photo: Nigel Daw
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