Type: L-726 Neptune P2V-7/SP-2H
MSN: 726-7183
Previous Identities: 147566
Owner: Carryowl Pty Ltd. (Maintained and operated by HARS), Albion Park, Wollongong, NSW.


20MAY59 Entered service with the Aeronavale (French Navy) as 147566. (Source: 1)
19JAN66 Entered V4 service with Breguet Aviation. (Source: 1)
14SEP66 Completed V4 service with Breguet Aviation. (Source: 1)
13FEB73 Entered V4 service with Breguet Aviation. (Source: 1)
17SEP74 Completed V4 service with Breguet Aviation. (Source: 1)
11SEP81 Entered an extended V3P service. (Source: 1)
07APR82 Completed extended V3P service. (Source: 1)
04JUL83 Assigned to Escadrille 12S in Tahiti. (Source: 1)
13AUG84 Decommissioned at Tahiti. Total hours flown was 7,183 hours and 48 minutes, the second highest in the French Navy. (Source: 1)
87 "In 1987 a representative from HARS attended a conference held in Tahiti and contact was made with the French Embassy in respect to obtaining a French Neptune. Upon arrival at Tahiti-FAAA (Papeete’s International Airport) three Neptunes were sighted, one partially burnt, one stripped of its engines and the other (147566) appeared to be intact. These three aircraft were all that remained of Escadrille 12. An inspection of Neptune 566 revealed that although some instruments were missing, the aircraft was in sound condition and its tanks still contained 2000 lbs of fuel. The aircraft was located in an area that could easily be described as a swamp, into which it was slowly sinking.

"The original intention was to acquire and dismantle the aircraft as a source of spare parts for the Society’s other Neptune (273), however after viewing the documentation, the decision was made to restore the aircraft to flying condition in Tahiti and fly it back to Australia. It had flown more than 7,000 hours but was considered to be in excellent condition as the aircraft had been extensively overhauled just prior to being de-commissioned.

"After further negotiations the title was transferred to HARS. There were a number of trips to Tahiti before Neptune 566 was finally made ready by HARS members for the ferry flight to Australia in July 1989. Neptune 566 was placed on the Australian civil register as VH-LRR, and after a number of public appearances at air shows, was positioned to Tamworth for storage and care. In September 1999 the aircraft was ferried from Tamworth to Bankstown and then in January 2003 it was flown to the new HARS base at the Illawarra Regional Airport." (Source: 1)
15JUL89 Arrived in Brisbane from Tahiti en route to Sydney as N8187Z on delivery to HARS.
03SEP99 Ferried from Tamworth to Bankstown. Both Westinghouse J-34 are operational and were used during the flight. The aircraft will be operated in Aeronavale colours.
06JAN03 Flown to the new HARS base at Albion Park.


HARS website and input from a former Aeronavale pilot.

Issue Date Remarks
9 17MAY21
Added further information from Source: 1.
8 02AUG18
Added an image of the aircraft in 2009 thanks to Peter Reardon.
7 31AUG04
Added a recent photograph of the aircraft outside its new hangar at Albion Park. Thanks to Bob De La Hunty.
6 03SEP03
Changed base to Albion Park.

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