Type: L-726 Neptune P2V-7/SP-2H
MSN: 726-7183
Previous Identities: 147566
Owner: Carryowl Pty Ltd. (Maintained and operated by HARS), Albion Park, Wollongong, NSW.


Delivered to Aeronavale (French Navy) as 147566.
86 Inspected on fire dump at Tahiti International Airport by Bob De La Hunty.
15JUL89 Arrived in Brisbane from Tahiti en route to Sydney as N8187Z on delivery to HARS.
03SEP99 Ferried from Tamworth to Bankstown. Both Westinghouse J-34 are operational and were used during the flight. The aircraft will be operated in Aeronavale colours.
06JAN03 Flown to the new HARS base at Albion Park.

Issue Date Remarks
8 02AUG18
Added an image of the aircraft in 2009 thanks to Peter Reardon.
7 31AUG04
Added a recent photograph of the aircraft outside its new hangar at Albion Park. Thanks to Bob De La Hunty.
6 03SEP03
Changed base to Albion Park.

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