A P2V-5 Neptune Mk 1 at Laverton in company with Anson W2378. There are two pilots in the cockpit of the Neptune and the presence of a ladder in front of the aircraft suggests that it is arriving. The serial number of the Neptune is partially obscured but it is almost certainly A89-595 which was later renumbered A89-302. The Mk 1 configuration together with the lack of any other markings apart from roundels suggests that this photo was taken very early in the aircraft's service. Anson W2378 was received at 1AD Laverton on 15NOV51 ex storage at Tocumwal. Subsequently the Anson went to the Department of Civil Aviation as VH-CAC. Neptune A89-595 was received at 1AD Laverton on 21NOV51 on delivery from the USA. It arrived at No 11 Squadron Pearce, WA on 30NOV51 so it is likely that this photo was taken on 21NOV51 as the aircraft was arriving in Australia for the first time. Picture: RAAF via Ken Watson
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