Type: L-18-56-23 Lodestar C-60A-5-LO
MSN: 18-2508
Previous Identities: 42-56035
Subsequent Identities: VHRAA (callsign)
N780F (bogus)


22JUL43 Delivered ex Lockheed. (Source: 2)
02AUG43 To USAAF as C-60A-5-LO serial 42-56035. (Source: 3)
10AUG43 Arrived Long Beach. (Source: 2)
15AUG43 Departed Long Beach. (Source: 2)
23AUG43 Received by 3AD RAAF Amberley as A67-1. (Source: 1)
01SEP43 Allocated callsign VHRAA while retaining RAAF serial A67-1. (Source: 1)
08SEP43 Received by 37 Sqn. (Source: 1)
23FEB44 Forced landing at Laverton due failure port engine. (Source: 1)
25APR45 Received by Australian National Airways, Parafield ex 37Sqn for complete overhaul and double engine change. (Source: 1)
19NOV45 Received by 1AD, Laverton ex DAP, Parafield. (Source: 1)
22JAN46 Received 7AD, Tocumwal ex 1AD for storage. (Source: 1)
JUL46 "All new aircraft acquired from July 1946 onwards were registered to NAC and not to Union Airways Ltd." (Source: 4)
22JAN47 Sold to New Zealand Airways Corp., Wellington for £1,900. (Source: 1)
31JAN47 Registered to Union Airways as ZK-AOP (see JUL46 above). (Source: 3)
05FEB47 Issued to purchaser. (Source: 1)
Named Koropio (New Zealand Thrush). (Source: 4)
01MAY52 Sold to R.L. Costine & Co. (Source: 3)
MAY52 The aircraft was ferried back to the U.S. by Captains A.C. Kenning and F.C. Allen and Radio Operator J.I. McLachlan. (Source: 4)
25JUN52 Registration ZK-AOP cancelled. (Source: 3)
18SEP52 Registered to Butler Co as N4646V. (Source: 3)
16OCT52 Sold to Aircraft Sales Ltd. & Arthur Kaplan. (Source: 3)
19OCT54 Re-registered N16L. (Source: 3)
30NOV54 Sold to Lear Inc. (Source: 3)
25JAN55 Converted to Learstar I by PacAero Engineering (their first conversion). (Source: 3)
14DEC55 To D.D. Feldman. (Source: 3)
11SEP62 Re-registered N789F. (Source: 3)
03OCT62 To Houston Aircraft Sales. (Source: 3)
08APR63 To Maxon Inc. (Source: 3)
15APR66 To Parker & Ransom Aircraft Sales Inc. (Source: 3)
08MAY67 Repossessed by Fidelity Bank & Trust Co. (Source: 3)
17SEP68 To Wilburt C. Windsor Jr. (Source: 3)
16APR71 Repossessed by Avemco Aircraft Investment Corp. (Source: 3)
12NOV73 To Jack L. Rhoades Aircraft Sales Inc. (Source: 3)
c.NOV73 To Frank Paskal (North Atlantic Transport Co). Believed bogus. (Source: 3)
FEB76 To Paul Poppenhager (for debts owed). (Source: 3)
16SEP76 To James R. Joyce. (Source: 3)
23AUG78 To Coastal Fisheries & Research Inc. (Source: 3)
SEP78 Noted impounded at Pinellas County Airport, St. Petersburg, Florida having been used on an illegal flight marked as N780F (bogus). (Source: 3)
20OCT78 To "Paramacaibo Mining Co Inc." (Source: 3) Probably Paramaribo Mining Co., Surinam.
20OCT78 (same day) To Otis Lamar Lindsey. (Source: 3)
22OCT78 Seized by Sheriff of Tift County, Georgia for carrying 56 pounds of marijuana. (Source: 3)
15JUL80 To H P Helicopters Inc., Haines City, Florida. (Source: 3)
18AUG80 Registered to Summit Quarries Inc, Summit Station, PA. (Source: 3)
20SEP82 To Deltec Holdings Inc. (Source: 3)
MAY80 Last recorded sighting at Tamiami, Florida. (Source: 3)
09MAY13 Registration cancelled by FAA. (Source: 5)

Does this aircraft still exist? Please report any recent sightings.


RAAF Form E/E.88.
MAC Air Case 200. NAA via Gordon Birkett.
Marson, Peter J., The Lockheed Twins, Air-Britain, 2001.
Waugh, Layne & McConnell, The Illustrated History of NZNAC 1947-1978, Kynaston Charitable Trust, 2007.
FAA website.

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