42-66841 Scarlet Scourge

Type: L-422 Lightning P-38H-5-LO
MSN: 1352
Owner: Unknown, Bentwaters, UK.


20SEP43 Belly landed near Brahmin, 40 miles inland from Madang, PNG. Props sheared off and engines dislodged. Aircraft was lifted on to 44 gallon drums and abandoned.
92 Aircraft moved to Nadzab.
92 Recovered for shipment to the U.S. but seized by the PNG Government.
01MAY99 Departed Lae, PNG on the "Island Chief".
17MAY99 Arrived Adelaide on the MSC "Antwerp" having been transhipped at Melbourne.
21MAY99 Fuselage transported to the Classic Jets Fighter Museum at Parafield.
27MAY99 Boom transported to Parafield.
After arrival in Australia, the aeroplane was reported to be P-38E 42-2039. This identification resulted from the discovery on the airframe of a part number which was initially believed to be a serial number consistent with that of a P-38E. Closer examination by Bob Jarrett has revealed that the aeroplane is in fact a P-38H. The serial 42-66841 has been found stamped on a bulkhead and etched into one of the fins. The aeroplane has also been reported as 42-66851 but its identity is now confirmed to be 42-66841.
AUG01 The following update was received from Bob Jarrett:
The P-38 is moving along well, the nose is essentially finished. The cockpit capsule is off the wing and stripped and cleaned. The floor is under repair, starboard wing is off and the upper and lower vertical fin frames are rebuilt and await skinning. The eight fin root fairings are nearly finished.
22APR04 The following update was received from Bob Jarrett:
At this time both new aileron frames are ready for skinning and the last lower skin is ready to be cut for the port wing and fitted. We have removed the starboard wing leading edge and are now cutting out the propeller hit damage to work out a repair scheme. The wing is in a jig and last Friday the wing trailing edge into which the flap locates was removed for replacement after frames cleanup and painting. The mangled starboard oil coolers air intake covering has been straightened but there is a lot of work to be done on this component yet. The port turbo and exhaust system is finished and the starboard turbo shrouds are being fabricated now. Two of the guys have nearly finished rebuilding the starboard oil cooler exhaust duct assembly. The other job on the go just now is that one of the guys has commenced constructing a complete set of ammo canisters and travel chutes. That job will take quite some time to complete.
12JAN05 The following update was received from Bob Jarrett:
The starboard wing is over half completed and new main undercarriage doors are coming along well. The new pilot's seat is ready for painting and two port engine cowls are close to finished, only fourteen to go. We still need a sample spinner cone.
19OCT05 The following update was received from Bob Jarrett:
The aircraft was fitted with its wheels and tyres on this day.
02APR06 The aircraft was rolled out of the CJFM hangar for the Annual Antique and Classic Aircraft Fly-in and Spectacular. Bob Jarrett estimates that there is another six months work to complete the aircraft. The CJFM newsletter reports that: "The two cockpit perspexes still remain to be completed along with one more starboard inner engine cover. Work has commenced on the port cockpit to centre wing fairing and the nose wheel bay systems fit out."
24SEP14 The aircraft was noted on a truck in the UK. The aircraft was subsequently sighted at Bentwaters.


Issue Date Remarks
14 01APR16
Refreshed the page layout with no change to data.
13 15OCT14
The aircraft is now in the UK.
12 06APR09
Added a recent image thanks to Phil Vabre. The aeroplane now carries the name "Scarlet Scourge".
11 14MAY06
Added a restoration update and photos of the recent roll-out. Thanks to Bob Jarrett.
10 21OCT05
Added an update on the restoration together with a recent photo thanks to Bob Jarrett and Ron Brimblecombe.
9 13JAN05
Added an update on the restoration together with a recent photo thanks to Bob Jarrett.
8 25APR04
Added an update on the restoration together with a recent photo, thanks to Bob and Margaret Jarrett-
7 16AUG01
Added an update on the restoration.

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