41-2130 Malaria Mabel

Type: L-222-62-13 Lightning F-4-1-LO
MSN: 5348


01JAN42 Received by USAAF. (Source: 4)
19MAR42 Received Long Beach to (Source: 4)
22MAR42 Long Beach. (Source: 4)
31MAY42 Received Dallas. (Source: 4)
18JUN42 Received Lowry (8th PRS). (Source: 4)
23JUN42 Received Sacramento Air Depot. (Source: 4)
06JUL42 Received San Francisco (Port of Embarkation). (Source: 4)
15JUL42 SUMAC (Fifth Air Force SWPA). (Source: 4)
12AUG42 Received at Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation, Fishermens Bend, Melbourne for erection. (Source: 8)
02SEP42 Delivered ex CAC. (Source: 8)
03SEP42 Arrived Townsville on delivery to the 8th PRS. Served with the 8th PRS as "Malaria Mabel" with squadron number "30". (Source: 11)
11AUG43 Familiarisation on type at Port Moresby by FLGOFF P.B. Jones, 75 Sqn RAAF. (Source: 10)
22OCT43 Photographed at 14 Mile, Port Moresby in bare metal with red and white striped rudders in use as a squadron hack. (See photos above). (Source: 11)
03NOV43 Condemned by Fifth Air Force, Brisbane. (Source: 4)
08FEB44 Allotted to RAAF by Fifth Air Force HQ along with 41-2139 and 41-2217. (Source: NAA Series A11093 Item 3081559)
31MAR44 Advice from Forward Echelon that three Lightnings are being prepared for flight at Port Moresby. (Source: NAA Series A11093 Item 3081559)
03APR44 Struck off by USAAF. (Source: 4)
21APR44 Advice from Forward Echelon that three Lightnings will be ferried to 3AD Amberley on or about 30APR44. (Source: NAA Series A11093 Item 3081559)
09MAY44 Condemned by Fifth Air Force, Brisbane. (Source: 4)
15MAY44 Lightnings 41-2217 and 41-2156 arrived at Amberley but were rejected by the RAAF owing to their poor condition. The third Lightning force landed at Rockhampton but its identity is unknown. So, although 41-2130 was allotted to the RAAF, it may not have been delivered. Evidently 41-2156 was substituted for either 41-2130 or 41-2139.(Source: NAA Series A11093 Item 3081559)
26JUL44 Struck off by USAAF. (Source: 4)



Log book of Flt Lt F.H.W. Robilliard via his son Iain Robilliard.
Log Book of Flt Lt W.H.S. Talberg via David Vincent
Log Book of Sqn Ldr R.M. Green via David Vincent
USAAF History Card for 41-2158 accessed by Terry Geary.
RAAF Unit History sheets (Form A50) [Operations Record Book - Forms A50 and A51] 1 PRU Number 87 Squadron Jun 42 - Oct 53. NAA: A9186, 118
Operations Record Book No 51 Operational Base Unit, Groote Eylandt via Phil Vabre.
RAAF Form E/E88 (Status Card)
Listing compiled by a CAC employee, Bill Audsley, and published in Aviation Heritage the journal of the Aviation Historical Society of Australia (AHSA) Vol 22 No 4.
Mosquito Monograph by David Vincent.
Log Book of FLGOFF P.B. Jones, RAAF.
The Eight Ballers by John Stanaway & Bob Rocker. Schiffer Publishing 1999
Log Book of Sqn Ldr Geoff Atherton.


Issue Date Remarks
6 19OCT18
Added an image of the aircraft with Lt Herb Thomas. Thanks to Bob Rocker.
5 11APR18
Added an image of an F-4 believed to be 41-2130. Thanks to Bob Rocker.
4 01APR16
Refreshed pag layout with no change to data.
3 05MAY14
Added a flight by FLGOFF P.B. Jones in AUG43 thanks to Gordon Birkett.
2 15JUL10
Added two images of the aircraft in bare metal finish thanks to Bob Rocker.
1 22FEB04
Original issue. Drawn from USAAF Aircraft History Card supplied by Terry Geary and NAA Series A11093 Item 3081559.

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