Type: L-414-56 Hudson Mk IIIA/A-29
MSN: 6357
Previous Identities: 41-23540


05APR42 Received 2 AD Richmond ex USA.
27APR42 Aircraft departed for 32 Sqn.
29APR42 Aircraft returned to Richmond.
04MAY42 Issued 32 Sqn (Horn Island) ex 2 AD.
02SEP42 Received 5 AD ex 32 Sqn.
20SEP42 Received 1 AD ex 5 AD en route 13 Sqn.
25SEP42 Received 13 Sqn ex 1 AD.
28OCT42 Received 1 RSU ex 13 Sqn for wing change.
06NOV42 Received 13 Sqn ex 1 RSU.
04DEC42 Received 5 AD ex 13 Sqn.
07DEC42 Fitted with auxiliary tank and CO2 equipment.
08JAN43 Received 13 Sqn ex 5 AD.
28JAN43 Received 1 RSU ex 13 Sqn for repair.
06FEB43 Received 13 Sqn ex 1 RSU.
16MAR43 Received 1 RSU ex 13 Sqn.
20MAR43 Received 13 Sqn ex 1 RSU.
04APR43 Received 2 Sqn ex 13 Sqn.
19SEP43 Received 5 AD ex 2 Sqn for repairs to wrinkled mainplane.
15JUN44 Received 2 AD Richmond ex 5 AD for completion of repairs.
04AUG44 Received 1 OTU ex 2 AD.
22MAR46 Received 2 AD Richmond ex 1 OTU for storage.
24SEP47 Sold to European Air Transport, Sydney for £620.
25NOV47 Collected by purchaser.
17DEC47 Registered to European Air Transport as VH-BIB.
29JAN48 Registration application from European Air Transport, Sydney to be used for overseas charters in 14 passenger 2 crew configuration.
MAY48 Aircraft being overhauled for CofA by Curtis Madsen Aircrafts at Mascot. Work suspended when payment not forthcoming from EAT.
NOV48 EAT "virtually non-existent by now".
16DEC48 Withdrawn from service.
49 Sold for scrap. CofA never completed.
25MAY51 Struck off Register.

Issue Date Remarks
1 13FEB98
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