Hudson Nose Numbers

Some Hudsons carried their msn (or part thereof) stencilled on the nose. Some carried the full four digit msn, while others carried the last two digits of the msn preceeded by a 1, 2 or 3. The reason for this is unknown. Many carried no nose number at all. Known nose numbers are shown in the following table. To these known numbers should be added 285 and 6046 which are believed to have been carried by A16-34 and A16-117 respectively, although no proof of the tie-up is available. One oddity is A16-76 on which was painted the number 327 in larger, lighter digits than usual. It should be noted that A16-76 is the only known example where a nose number does not correspond with an msn (1929).

A16-3 179 1779
A16-20 271 1871
A16-21 272 1872
A16-71 1924 1924
A16-76 327 1929
A16-114 6043 6043
A16-152 6081 6081
A16-172 6425 6425
A16-211 6430 6430

Additions to this table will be most welcome.

Issue Date
1 18FEB98

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