Type: L-182-1A Hercules C-130A-50-LM
MSN: 182-3212
Call Sign: VM-JLK
Previous Identities: 57-0505
Subsequent Identities: N2268A (NTU)
SH-3016 (NTU)
Owner: JNS Aircraft Sales, Nara Visa, New Mexico, USA


17DEC58 Received by RAAF.
29DEC59 Departed Lockheed, Marietta on delivery to Australia (in company with A97-211 & 213).
05JAN59 Received at 2AD, Richmond for acceptance inspection.
27JAN59 Received at 86 Wing.
22MAY62 Despatched to Lockheed for fuel tank corrosion repairs.
05MAR63 Received at 86 Wing ex USA.
20DEC63 Received at 2AD for E service.
06AUG64 Received at Qantas ex 2AD via 86 Wing for wing repairs.
21AUG64 Received at 86 Wing ex Qantas.
06APR65 Despatched to 2AD for mods.
18MAY65 Received at 36SQN.
02MAY66 Received at 2AD for mods.
23MAR67 Received at 36SQN.
16MAY68 Received at Qantas for ADS.
03JUL68 Received at 36SQN.
12MAY70 Received at Qantas for ADS.
24JUN70 Received at 36SQN .
17MAY71 Allotted to 2AD.
23MAR72 Allotted to 36SQN.
10OCT72 Allotted to Qantas for ADS.
01DEC72 Received at 36SQN.
16FEB73 Aircraft to be repaired at 486SQN with assistance from Qantas and 2AD.
15NOV73 Allotted to 486SQN.
17MAY74 Allotted to 2AD.
24JUN74 Allotted to 486SQN.
26MAR75 Allotted to 2AD for wing repair.
31JUL75 Allotted to 486SQN.
15SEP75 Received at Qantas for ADS.
31OCT75 Allotted to 486SQN.
08SEP77 Allotted to Qantas.
06OCT77 Allotted to 486SQN.
24MAY78 Registration application from Global Jet Sales/Parmax, Fort Worth, Texas as N2268A (NTU)
18JUN83 Seen at Laverton, VIC painted as HK-3016X. It was previously painted as SH-3016 but deleted.
28OCT83 Departed Australia for Dothan, Alabama before sale to Aviaco of Colombia.
31OCT83 Seen at Pago Pago en route to USA on delivery to Aviacion Columbiana but sale was vetoed by the US authorities
FEB85 Registered to Ford & Vlahos, San Francisco as N13FV.
MAR89 Registered to Fowler Aeronautical Services as N213DW.
25APR94 Seen at Dothan, Alabama as N213DW.
JUL94 Registered to Peter P. Suarez, Los Angeles, California as N213DW (DW = Dee Williams)
APR95 Registered to Peter P. Suarez, Los Angeles, California as N130PS.
30JAN96 Seen at Chandler, Arizona in an all white colour scheme.
26OCT96 Seen at Chandler, Arizona in an all white colour scheme.
16MAR98 Seen at Chandler, Arizona in a blue and white colour scheme.
AUG99 Acquired by Earl Cherry. Operated by Cherry Air Aviation Services of Lecompte, LA. Aircraft is based at Alexandria, LA.
26OCT99 Noted at Falcon Field, AZ as N130PS with "MAXTURBINE.COM" titles and a chequerboard fin and rudder. The aircraft was advertised by Maxturbine for sale or rent with the contact being Earl Cherry.
01MAY02 Operated its first flight for Cherry Air as N131EC. The aircraft is used mainly to uplift palm trees from Costa Rica for Mr Cherry's plant nursery business, but is also used for movie work and as a parachute jump ship.
09AUG02 Attended the World Freefall Convention at Rantoul, Illinois where N131EC was used to uplift 130 parachutists per flight. The aircraft carries "Charlie 130 Corporation" titles on the underwing tanks.
AUG03 N131EC again attended the World Freefall Convention at Rantoul, Illinois where it was used as a jump ship. The aircraft was subsequently offered for sale at US$4.5M. (Source: Mark Meltzer)
AUG04 N131EC was not present at the World Freefall Convention at Rantoul, Illinois and it was reported that the aircraft had found employment overseas with an additional C-130 having been purchased and more sought. (Source: Mark Meltzer)
AUG04 Aircraft began test flying after the fitment of 500 gallon tip tanks in lieu of the former underwing pylon mounted tanks. The modification has resulted in several performance improvements including a reduction in the stall speed. The tip tanks are not normal C-130 pylon tanks but rather new build items designed and manufactured by Snow Aviation International Inc. of Columbus, Ohio. The new tip tanks are smaller than the normal pylon tanks, and therefore produce less drag. This, when combined with the lighter fuel load, enables the aircraft to climb to an economical cruise height earlier. The end result is that the aircraft can uplift a greater payload out of a shorter runway with a minimal effect on range. The tip tanks are patented by Snow Aviation and available as a retrofit to C-130E and C-130H models. After a period of test flying, the wings were removed from N131EC to incorporate spar mods and to complete the plumbing of the tip tanks. This aircraft is the only A model still flying with three bladed props. Recent contracts for the aircraft include delivering new aero engines to aircraft builders. (Source: Earl Cherry via Colin Tigwell)

Read more about the Tip Tank Mod
14 The aircraft was advertised for sale at Amarillo, Texas. The aircraft is painted grey overall and the tip tanks are no longer fitted. Total time: 11815 hours.
18AUG18 Registered to Mark A. Smith of Woodland, Washington. (Source: FAA Register)
18 Reports that the aircraft is parked in Louisiana and no longer airworthy.

ADS Anti-Deterioration Servicing
AMTDU Air Movements Training & Development Unit
DAS Department of Administrative Services
NTU Not Taken Up
2AD No 2 Aircraft Depot, RAAF Richmond



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