Type: L-14-WF62 Super Electra
MSN: 1443
Previous Identities: PK-AFQ
Subsequent Identities: 44-83235


38 Construction completed at Burbank.
24JUN38 Delivered to KNILM by Lockheed and subsequently shipped to the Netherlands East Indies.
JUL38 Registered PK-AFQ to KNILM.
FEB42 Used with other KNILM aircraft on evacuation flights from the NEI to Australia in advance of the Japanese invasion. After escaping to Australia the aircraft was operated by KNILM under charter to the military.
28MAR42 Acquired from KNILM by the USAAF. Subsequently allocated ADAT call-sign VHCXK and operated by the 21st Troop Carrier Squadron based in Brisbane.
07OCT42 Crashed on landing at Rockhampton and completely destroyed by fire. Four crew and six passengers jumped through the flames to escape, all sustaining burns, some serious. Source states that the aircraft was being operated by the 22nd Troop Carrier Squadron. (Source: ORB, No 21 Operational Base Unit, Rockhampton) This page previously stated that the aircraft crashed at Cooktown on 08OCT42 but this is apparently incorrect.
20JUN44 In a retrospective book-keeping exercise, the aircraft was formally taken on charge by the USAAF under the designation C-111-LO and allocated the serial number 44-83235. It should be noted that this serial was never carried on the aeroplane.

* The only Australian identity carried by this aeroplane was the radio call-sign VHCXK. It is presented here without a hyphen to distinguish it from an Australian civil registration as this aeroplane did not appear on the Australian Civil Register.

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