Message from Ansertes' Restorer.

In the six years since the first post restoration flight on 06SEP91, Ansertes has flown 300 hours. During this period she has returned to Darwin (19FEB92) as an official participant in the 50th anniversary commemorations of the first bombing. Ansertes operated 10 evacuation flights out of Darwin during FEB/MAR42. She has also returned to Townsville and Cairns, the scene of three years of her wartime service (Sydney-Townsville-Sydney daily). She also participated in the 70th and 75th anniversaries of the RAAF. Ansertes flew as the official aircraft (carrying Nancy Bird Walton as crew) in the 1996 re-enactment of the 1936 Brisbane-Adelaide Air Race. The aeroplane attended the "Save Essendon Air Show" in 1996 and participated in numerous other smaller airshows and charity events - always a crowd pleaser. To date, in excess of 600,000 spectators have viewed Ansertes during airshow performances. The aircraft performs and operates perfectly despite her now 60 year age. She has no flying vices and could still operate commercially, in competition with modern feeder airliners. As the saying goes - "They don't build them like they used to." Ansertes has been the subject of many aviation magazine articles, both local and international. She has also featured in television documentaries and even made a four-page centrefold in a national women's fashion magazine.
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Laurie Ogle


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