VH-EAG (#1) Southern Constellation


Type: L-1049C-55-81 Super Constellation
L-1049E/01-55 Super Constellation (converted)
MSN: 4539
Subsequent Identities: N93166?


54 Built as L-1049C-55-81.
09FEB54 CofR No 2060 issued to Qantas Empire Airways as VH-EAG.
18MAR54 First flown.
26MAR54 Export CofA No E-27609 issued.
28MAR54 Accepted by Qantas as VH-EAG "Southern Constellation". Total Time 14:01.
31MAR54 "San Francisco: Qantas has taken delivery of the first passenger plane for its new trans-Pacific service. The new plane is a Lockheed Super Constellation. The Australian Ambassador to Washington (Sir Percy Spender) and Lady Spender took part in the handīng-over ceremony. Lady Spender named the new plane as she poured gold dust over its nose. Qantas is scheduled to begin a through - service from Vancouver to Sydney about May 1. The service will follow the route previously flown by B.C.P.A. Stops will be made at San Francisco, Honolulu and Fiji." (Barrier Miner, Broken Hill, NSW, Wednesday 31 March 1954)
06APR54 Operated training flights.
10APR54 Flew Burbank, San Francisco, Vancouver, San Francisco to Burbank.
12APR54 Departed Burbank on delivery to Sydney via San Francisco, Honolulu, Nadi. Flight Time 29:57. (Capt K.G. Jackson). Total Time 123:09.
15APR54 Arrived Sydney and later commenced a series of training flights.
15MAY54 Departed Sydney on the inaugural Qantas L-1049 service to Nadi, Canton Island, Honolulu, San Francisco and Vancouver with 51 passengers. (Capt K.G. Jackson and Capt J. Connolly).
20MAY54 Returned to Sydney.
29MAY54 Operated 3 courtesy flights from Sydney.
04FEB55 Departed Sydney on the inaugural Qantas L-1049 service to Singapore.
03MAY55 Departed Sydney on the inaugural Qantas L-1049 service to Tokyo via Manila.
19NOV55 Departed Sydney on the inaugural Qantas L-1049 service to Christchurch.
56 Converted to L-1049E/01-55.
23SEP57 Withdrawn from service for "D" overhaul and fitment of weather radar.
20OCT57 Returned to service.
MAR60 Leased to Malayan Airways.
07JUL60 Departed Sydney on the last Qantas L-1049 service to Port Moresby. (Capt J.G. Morton).
16DEC60 Leased to Tasman Empire Airways Limited (TEAL).
JAN61 Leased to Tasman Empire Airways Limited (TEAL) until MAR61.
22JUL61 Departed Sydney for Perth where the aeroplane was based until 30AUG61.
21OCT61 Departed Sydney for Singapore where the aeroplane was based until 18NOV61.
07APR63 Departed Sydney on last Qantas service (migrant charter to Malta).
15APR63 Returned to Sydney.
03MAY63 Sold to Boeing. Total Time 21,844 hours.
MAY63 Photographed at Sydney with many of the Qantas staff who had worked on the aeroplane. VH-EAG was the first Super Constellation delivered to Qantas and it was also the last to leave the country. The photograph included a sign:

V ery good performer
H eld her reputation
E nter service first
A lways reliable
G oing out last
06MAY63 Sold to Airmotive Inc. for parts. Departed Sydney for Nadi, Honolulu, San Francisco and Burbank.
  Most sources state that the aircraft never received a US registration for the ferry flight to Burbank although other sources state that it became N93166. This photo, believed to be of VH-EAG, suggests that the Australian registration was removed for the ferry flight which lends weight to the theory that it became N93166.
08MAY63 Arrived Burbank. (Capt R. Simons and Capt B. Gosbell). Total Time 21,872:58.
DEC64 Noted in a parking lot near Burbank minus outer wings and tail awaiting scrapping.
65 Scrapped in early 1965.

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