VH-EAB Lawrence Hargrave


Type: L-749-79-31 Constellation
L-749A-79 Constellation (converted)
MSN: 2565
Subsequent Identities: G-ANUR


47 Built as L-749-79-33 for KLM but completed as L-749-79-31 for Qantas.
10MAR47 Registered to Qantas Empire Airways as VH-EAB. CofR No 1196.
08OCT47 Export CofA No E-14755 issued.
09OCT47 Accepted by Qantas as VH-EAB "Lawrence Hargrave". (Lawrence Hargrave was an Australian researcher and experimenter who proved many of the basic principles of flight during the late 1880s).
22OCT47 Departed Burbank on delivery to Australia.
25OCT47 Arrived Sydney. (Capts. McMaster, Connolly and Henderson).
NOV49 Operated several Melbourne Cup charters (Sydney-Melbourne-Sydney) for TAA.
19AUG51 Departed Sydney for Darwin where the aircraft was based until 03SEP51 operating flights to Iwakuni, Japan.
03SEP51 Fuselage painted with white top and red cheatline. Aircraft returned to service 08SEP51.
27OCT51 Withdrawn from service for conversion to L-749A-79 with higher all up weight.
31DEC51 Returned to service.
11DEC52 Right hand rudder damaged in collision with KLM L-749 PH-TDK at Karachi.
16DEC52 Departed Sydney on the first South African service.
16FEB54 Diverted to Mangalore due Essendon weather.
MAR54 Departed Sydney on a Royal flight Sydney-Adelaide-Kalgoorlie-Perth.
NOV54 Departed Sydney on the first Tokyo service.
18FEB55 UK CofA issued as G-ANUR.
24FEB55 Departed Sydney on its last Qantas service (to Tokyo).
26FEB55 Sold to BOAC as G-ANUR.
28FEB55 Cancelled from the Australian Register. Departed Sydney on delivery to BOAC. Carried Qantas colours with registration G-ANUR.
05MAR55 Delivered to BOAC at London Heathrow. Named "Basildon". Used in a 60 seat tourist configuration.
12JUL55 Entered service with BOAC.
27JUL55 Operated its first BOAC service to Sydney.
10SEP55 Port undercarriage collapsed during maintenance at Heathrow.
58 Withdrawn from service by this date.
JUL59 Leased to Skyways.
60 Fitted with a large rear cargo door by BOAC during early 1960.
12SEP60 Received minor damage at Delhi but repaired.
02JUL62 Sold to Skyways.
01SEP62 Taken over by Euravia (London) Ltd. Used as a freighter or 82 seater.
15NOV63 Painted in Euravia colours at Luton.
30JUL65 Delivered Luton to Gatwick on lease to ACE Freighters.
12AUG65 Entered service with ACE Freighters.
11SEP66 Last service with ACE Freighters.
14SEP66 Returned to Euravia (Britannia Airways) after ACE Freighters ceased operations on this date.
23FEB67 Cancelled from UK Register on sale to Nelson Puente, Puerto Rico.
04MAR67 Flown across the Atlantic on delivery.
06MAY67 Sold to Woodrow W. Tilton.
24MAY67 Registered N1949.
25MAY67 Sold to American National Bank of Jacksonville and leased to Woodrow W. Tilton same day.
06JAN68 Sold to Woodrow W. Tilton. Earlier reported having been transferred to Peru International Management Corp. Same day sold as CX-BHC to Laura Puente trading as Aerolineas Uruguayas.
29JAN68 Cancelled from US Register.
MAY68 Believed to have been delivered from Miami.
68-69 Aerolineas Uruguayas ceased operations.
JAN70 Last reported stored at Montevideo. Presumably subsequently scrapped.

Issue Date Remarks
3 25FEB16
Revised presentation of type.
2 14SEP00 -

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