The following publications are recommended by "The Lockheed File"

Important Notice: Some of these books may be out of print and some of the contacts may be no longer valid. Nevertheless, these listings have been retained so that readers will be aware of what has been published. If you are unable to purchase a book from the links below, it is suggested that you try an online bookseller such as ABE Books

Bringing Connie Home

by Gary R. Squire

An in-depth and authoritative account of the acquisition and restoration of the HARS Connie.

The Lockheed Twins

by Peter J. Marson

An Air-Britain publication describing in detail all of the Lockheed twin-engined aircraft.

The RAAF Hudson Story

by David Vincent

This two volume work is as definitive a history of Australian Hudsons as is ever likely to be written. RAAF wartime operations and post-war commercial operations are covered in great detail. These books are highly recommended.

Electra Flying

by Richard J. Waugh

An in-depth study of the Lockheed 10 Electra
in New Zealand.

Neptune in Australian Service

by Stewart Wilson

An in-depth study of the Lockheed P2V Neptune in Australian service.


by Stewart Wilson

A study of the Lockheed Constellation and its variants.

Constellation Poster

by Juanita Franzi

A full colour poster depicting Constellation G-AHEN of BOAC, Constellation NC86520 of Pan Am, Super Constellation N6902C of Trans World, Super Constellation VH-EAD of Qantas and Starliner D-ALER of Lufthansa.
Click on the image at left for a larger view.

HARS Connie Poster

by Juanita Franzi

A full colour poster depicting the HARS Super Constellation VH-EAG "Southern Preservation". The poster also features a depiction of the flight deck, technical specifications and a history of VH-EAG. Proceeds go towards providing a hangar for "Connie".
Click on the image at left for a larger view.

Seek and Strike

by David J. Wilson

A comprehensive history of No 75 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force. Includes the squadron's brief operation of the Lockheed F-4 Lightning.


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