Ted in his element.
The "Southern Cross" behind him,
a microphone in his hand and a crowd
hanging on his every word about Smithy.

"Portmarnock Day" at Brisbane Airport on 24th June 2000. Ted speaking on the 70th anniversary of the departure of the "Southern Cross" from Portmarnock Beach, Ireland on the first fully-successful crossing of the Atlantic Ocean from east to west. [Photo: Ron Cuskelly]


The leader and main driving force behind the Lady Southern Cross Search Expedition, Ted Wixted, died peacefully in his Brisbane home on 17th May 2001. At the time of his death, Ted was planning another expedition to Burma to search for the Lady Southern Cross.

A world authority on Smithy, Hinkler and their contemporaries, Ted will be fondly remembered for his sense of history, his sense of occasion and his passion for his chosen subject. He leaves behind a rich legacy of written works on the history of Australian aviation.

Rest in Peace Ted.




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